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目撃者 = Eyewitness

Yesterday I finally had the time to watch the stage that completed the shuffle of the AKB48 teams. It was an interesting stage but let’s go through the show.

First of all I have to say that the Zenza Girls song “Miniskirt no Yosei” the best of the three songs is. Finally something I were I wasn’t just thinking ‘Is it ever gonna end?’.

The next thing that surprised me were all the songs before the unit songs started. Normally they are just pop songs that sound alike and get boring fast but this time they all had a unique sound and I only got bored when the last song before the first MC was playing. The first and title song of this stage “Mokugekisha” was very interesting to watch. I love it when they really use the stage.

In the unit songs we even got a keyboard once. In “Ude wo Kunde” Nakayan plays it and I think we do need this kind of stuff more. I know that dancing and singing is harder than it looks but some other talents on stage aren’t a bad thing. And by talents I don’t meen playing with a sword. I mean I am happy for Takamina that she got a solo and everything but why did they have to give her such a song. No, the sword isn’t the worst part though even my sister said it looks just ridiculous but the song itself isn’t made to show of what a great voice Takamina has. That made me sad. The next thing that made me sad was the last unit song. Just too many girls. After Takamina’s solo sucked so hard I would have loved to see all those girls in some smaller units.

The following songs were okay. I mean we already got our good group songs in the first half so I wasn’t expecting too much. Luckily one song did stand out to me and I will call it the #1 A6 song after my first time watching it. It’s the last song “Pioneer” and I love it because it should have been a Team K song.

After seeing every new stage I think it’s safe to say that the qualitiy was overall the same and only varied because some got better group songs and another one has the better units. But every one of them will have something in them that you like and I am happy to see the songs at concerts because… well, they just look better with good lightning.