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2010: Album Tracks

Here are my favorite album tracks of 2010. Because sometimes the single just isn’t the best. But still, you will find artists here that appear often in my lists…

#10 Christophe Maé – Je me lâche

I listened to this album because I really liked the single Dingue, Dingue, Dingue and somehow my sister listened to Je me lâche and made me play it over and over again. And it is a really good song. She’s been right to make me listen to it so many times.

#9 3OH!3 – House Party

It was a close run between See You Go and House Party but I thought that See You Go would be too similar to Double Vision which already charted here and so I let you all know that I not only like the poppy songs from 3OH!3. House Party is awesome.

#8 MiChi – Jump On It

Since LOVE is. is treated like an e.p. Jump On It gets #8 because it is awesome but not as awesome as other songs. The repetitivness brings it down a little but hey, it still charted ❤

#7 Katy Perry – Peacock

I listened to this album and BAM! I put Peacock on repeat instantly. It is so much fun and you can always wonder if the song is really that obvious or if there is some deeper meaning behind it. Oh, and Katy’s voice is bearable.


After listening to it when it appeared as a b-side I didn’t really give it another listen but after liking THIS IS NOT A GAME so much and listening to everything from her again I got hooked on L.I.P.S. even though the lyrics (I understand) seem to be a bit… well “Should I shake my hips?”.

#5 Achtung – Take Me Higher

I guess no one of you has ever heard of these guys but they are a really good korean band and they make I would say really good acoustic rock or something. I listened to them because I found it funny that they use the German word for “attention” as band name. And yeah, Take Me Higher is pretty good. Check them out.

#4 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody

Man, I so couldn’t decide which song to pick. This album has some really good songs on it and they all have something to offer. But in the end I went with the one with the highest play count and that was Can’t Nobody. But all the songs would’ve deserved it.

#3 ONE OK ROCK – Wherever you are

I didn’t think of this song for a long time but some days ago I listened to it again and it is just too good, too powerful and too emotional to not be on my list of great album tracks. I get goose bumps everytime. And we just have to overhear all those “whelever” and “plomise”. I’m sorry.

#2 Tokyo Jihen – Sweet Spot

What can I say? Pure Shiina Ringo awesomeness, but Tokyo Jihen. This song is so beautiful and so erotic and yeah, I pity my sister because she can’t stand Shiina Ringo’s voice so she’ll never know how great this song is.

#1 BENNIE BECCA – Ashita (with Blaise Plant (Monkey Majik))

It was really hard deciding which song was better but I love this combination of English and Japanese and Becca’s Japanese is so cute and all their voices just work so well together. And I was able to understand almost the whole chorus by myself. Yes, before they sang it in English later. Need more BENNIE BECCA!

Those are my top album tracks of 2010. Next my favorite Glee songs of 2010 and then finally: Albums!


Yes, I’m Alive

I’m kind of back because the hardest part of school this year is over now.
The bad thing is that I don’t have the slightest idea what to write about. Nothing I’ve listened to really had that effect on me that I really wanted to write about it. You know, my love for AKB48 is growing with every day but that doesn’t change the fact that everything I could write about them has already been covered by about a dozen other bloggers.

But let’s take a look at last week and what I listened to, just so you see what my ears are dealing with.

I listened to my first album by Hitomitoi which is Synchronized Singing. Please, can someone tell me why the most boring and bland songs are always the ones with over 5 minutes? I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were good songs on this album. Two or three. But all in all this album is almost an hour of boring shit. And I had hoped for so much. If any one knows an album by Hitomitoi that isn’t as boring please leave a comment. I want to give her another chance. I really do.

And now please don’t laugh. I’ve been really busy so I know that this single has been released a while ago but damn, Kumi Koda‘s Gossip Candy is one weird mess. Lollipop is kind of good but all the other songs just left me confused and not liking this. I mean, are there really five tracks on there or how does this work with the same melody thing and stuff? Not impressed. Really not impressed…

Also I’ve listened to a single from Who the Bitch because, you know, it’s an interesting band name. To be honest I can’t say much about the Superstar single but after all I am going to check out more from this all girls band. They have a rather rough sound and a good feeling when it comes to melodies, I think.

Next is NICO Touches the Walls. This is one of the bands I just keep following because I have this feeling that I really should like them but something is always missing and I hope to hear it when the next single is released. Sudden Death Game is a good single and it made a better impression on me than everything else I have listened to by them but something’s still missing. Well, maybe next time.

The last release I will write some words about is YUI‘s Holidays in the Sun because it’s in some way the opposite of Hitomitoi. I expected many boring, same sounding songs and got a really fun album. I especially liked Again. I hope she keeps that up and maybe even the smile.

I hope I will post more from now on and if not you will hear something from me when the end of the year rankings are due. Or the next MiChi single is announced.


This time I’m a bit late to the party but I still want to talk about the latest MiChi single, especially since it’s a collaboration with the telephones. I’ve listened to some songs by them even before I knew of their work with MiChi, so I know a bit about their style.

WoNDeR WomaN (here we go again) is my favorite song from the single. Every one who’s read my reviews of MiChi’s CDs knows that I’m always anticipating a bit more rock in her songs and even though WoNdeR WomaN is more electric than rock it still has this certain edge to it that I’m looking for in MiChi’s better songs. Something negative? The singer from the telephones wasn’t really needed. The music is influenced enough by this band and his voice alone didn’t really do any good. But on the other hand the chorus together was good. Maybe I just need to get used to it. (Even though I’ve listened to the telephones, it’s not been that much since I listen to a lot of music. A lot. Damn, I need to cut down on the artists I follow.)

With the b-side Strong MAN we are back to the pretty normal MiChi style. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, I like it, no question. And the song has certain parts in it that makes it different from the other songs of course but when you hear the beginning you’re just like “I’ve heard that before”. The nicest touches were the bit quieter part before the chorus and the whistling and acoustic guitar at the end.

Let’s see… the remix. MiChi’s remixes were always kind of a hit and miss thing and WoNDeR WomaN (T.O.M remix) is pretty clearly a miss. The song is too long, there’s almost always only one part of the song used and when there are vocals the remixer managed it to make MiChi sound boring and without emotions. Maybe something for a party CD when no ones really paying attention to the music and just wanna dance but nothing I would listen to on my own.

The PV to WoNDeR WomaN consists of two sets. Michi and the telephones in a lab, experimenting and drinking colored fluids that are this time not used for female hygiene product commercials and the other set is a dark place where they perform the song. The video is full of short reversed scenes and other weird effects and sometimes it’s cool because of how the hair looks or stuff but sometimes it’s just too freaking much. But after all you can see how freaking much fun they had. And the guys from the telephones look like pretty interesting people.

I think it’s funny how there are certain themes for some of MiChi’s PVs. The first ones for PROMiSE and ChaNge the WoRLd are simple studio PVs while KiSS KiSS xxx and YOU have some kind of story to them. All about the Girls and WoNDeR WomaN are just freaky and a bit trashy. So I guess with the next single comes a new PV style.

I <3 Tokyo Jihen’s SPORTS

There is no way I could write about this album from an impartial point of view. This album is made of awesome!

Shiina Ringo and her band released the best album of 2010 (ok, so far) and I will just kind of explain to you why. I won’t go into detail but I think you will get what I want to say. There are 13 songs and every one of them is worth listening to. Every song has its own flavor and most of them are damn catchy. Only two songs are longer than 4 minutes which makes it an easy listen and those two songs that are longer are the ones that are quite experimental. I mean, there’s Shiina Ringo involved, there has to be something different! (But it’s still Tokyo Jihen.)

You see, I put this album on my portable mp3-player and I do this often with new albums I like. But over the next days I see which songs are really good and for which songs I just don’t care. And on SPORTS there’s not one song I ever skipped when it came up. And I do this a lot. The way from my home to school takes around 10 minutes and sometimes I spend those minutes just skipping track after track.

Here’s the PV to the single “Noudouteki Sanpunkan” that preceded the album if you want to listen to a bit of what I just wrote about. But do yourself a favor and give SPORTS a try. And if you like it, buy it. I will surely do so.

From free to POP!

POP Tracklist:

1. Mada
2. I wanna see you
3. Monroe
4. Anata no Koibito ni Naritai no desu
5. Tsutaetai Koto
6. Tsugou no Ii Onna
7. 15 no Kotoba
8. Mou Hitotsu no MY BABY
9. loving DARLING
10. Wakarumo
11. Poker Fces
12. Itsu no Hi mo
13. Salaryman no Uta

After introducing her in her own post on this blog you may know that I really like Mao Abe and so I was anticipating her second effort very much. I already listened to POP around 4 times and I can’t really say bad things about it.

So, this time it won’t be a track-by-track review because there are some simple types of songs that you can find on this album.

Let me start with those typical Mao Abe songs that sound just like the rock tracks from her first album “free”. For instance the single Tsutaetai Koto or the new track Wakaruno. It’s just her style and no one can blame her for doing what she does best. As long as it doesn’t get boring. For me, all YUI songs tend to sound the same but I don’t get this feeling with Mao. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it’s because it’s only her second album so far.

And for those who are wondering: Yes, she actually does new things. Monroe sounds a bit like those electro-pop songs you hear these days. And she does it quite well. Everything else that is new are just some variations in her typical sound but that’s good enough for me. You have to start somewhere.

It’s kind of sad that there isn’t a second deadline on POP but at least we get three acoustic songs with this album. Tsugou no Ii Onna and Mou Hitotsu no MY BABY are really beautiful ballads with strong choruses and I like them a lot. Especially because they sound like live versions. I first listened to the album on my portable mp3-player and thought it jumped to the end of the album and there’s a live bonus track or something. Salaryman no Uta also got this live-feeling feature but it goes into a very lively direction because it sounds a bit like she’s just playing for fun. It’s a nice ending for the album.

Just like on free she also shows on POP that she doesn’t just manage to rock and make really good acoustic tracks but also some songs that are more poppy and sweet. You would think that that’s the majority on an album that has such a title but in fact, it’s well-balanced. I wanna see you was a single and is one of those sweet tracks as well as 15 no Kotoba in some ways.

As you can see the album is very simple. There are just like three types of songs but at least Mao knows how to work with them and it never gets boring. She didn’t take huge steps but she delivered something well made. There’s not one song I would call bad, maybe just not as good as the other songs and I’m satisfied with that. She’s still young and I think she’s intelligent enough to see when she has to mix it up a bit. I don’t think we have to wait for the next single for too long.

POP gets a clear B from me. Recommended!

*favourites in italic

Charts Fight!!! [Oricon]

So, I decided to take a look at the current Oricon Top 10 and after that at the Billboard (Hot?) Top 10 and find out if I really follow the music that I like the most. Maybe I did it wrong for 7 years o.o! Even though I always kind of tried to keep up with everything.
(Um, seems like you can’t look at the official German Top10. Don’t know which site I could trust XD So, it’s still only Oricon and Billboard.)

I will only listen to the A-side because that’s what it’s mostly about when people buy the singles. I will start now with the help of Youtube. It’s the (Oricon)week beginning on the 4th November, I think:

#10 Nagareboshi by Mika Nakashima – It sounds like your typical Mika Nakashima song, I think. She’s known for her ballads and for me it’s like I already heard it. Also, with over 6 minutes it  feels like it’s too long. But at least it doesn’t depress me. It has a rather hopeful sound and I think that’s the only thing I really like about it. Now Nagareboshi and before Candy Girl… I’m curious how her next album is gonna sound. 7/10

#9 Shunkashuutou by Hilcrhyme – I’ve never heard of those two and I’m not really impressed. It’s that Japanese R’n’B style that I think works especially for Japanese people but for me it’s kind of boring and only backgroundmusic, if anything. The next thing is the voice. I’ve heard similar ones to this too often and am not too fond of them… It’s a nice song but nothing that would be at #9 in my charts. 5,5/10

#8 Tsukiakari no Michishirube by Stereopony – Those girls get better and better in my opinion. I listened to their first album but I wasn’t too impressed. But now with Smilife a while ago and this good song I think I’m going to follow them more closely. The song rocks, it’s melodic, the verses aren’t boring and AIMI has a good voice. (And damn, she’s beautiful. Not cute but beautiful <3) 8,5/10

#7 GHOST†HEART by LM.C – It’s been so long since I’ve listened to something from them. I lost interest before because I totally couldn’t stand his voice but maybe I remembered it wrongly or he changed. I don’t know. The song it nothing too special but I somehow really like it. The verses have some nice bits and this quiet bridge is a nice touch in the otherwise fast song. (And about the PV: when I want to see skeleton-suits I’d rather watch Hone Hone Waltz! (Just kidding~ I only wanted to mention AKB48 even here xD))  8/10

#6 Swan Song by KinKi Kids – I’ve listened to asian music for some years now and I constantly saw KinKi Kids in the charts but I was never interested in listening to some of their stuff. Maybe it’s because they are a Johnny’s Unit but I didn’t know about Johnny’s till some months ago, so that’s no reason. Well, now I’ve heard what Swan Song sounds like and my hopes got high in the beginning cause it sounded like it’s going to be epic but that was maybe the first second. Then it only was simple pop and I admit that the instrumentation still was pretty nice but not epic. And not even the voices helped in any way. No thanks. 5,5/10

#5 LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no Battle~ by BREAKERZ – The label of these guys seems to keep their eyes open when it comes to YouTube etc. so the quality of the song I listened to wasn’t the best… The song is cool and I like the rock music combined with the vocoder but it’s just too repetetive and gets annoying especially since he sings “fighter” more like “fighta~a”. A big plus point is the PV. That was funny. Maybe you can find it over at JPS. 7,5/10

#4 Koi wo Kikasete by BIGBANG – This song is beautiful and the chorus got stuck in my head right away. I don’t know what to think about the whole rapping yet but it kind of fits. The voices work really well together which is nice because there are some really characteristic ones in the group. So, one of the best songs so far. And by accident I happen to know that I also like the B-side :3 8,5/10

#3 only my railgun by fripSide – It’s an anime opening and I think the first one so far but I haven’t payed too much attention. And it’s great ! I mean, we got the typical high japanese girl singing voice but the song is fast and reminded me a bit of the time when I first discovered Jpop and listened to Two-Mix. What a surprise that listen to the Top 10 would be worth it? And you should watch the PV. I recommend it! 9/10

#2 Ichou by Yusuke – So, now we got an actor turned singer but that’s not too important because the song doesn’t really need a singer. It’s this kind of R’n’B/Pop song that you rather expect while it’s summer so this is a nice change. You can just listen to it and it doesn’t get boring because of that energy you can hear. Good song but #2 might be too good for my taste. 7,5/10

#1 Kyu☆Jo☆Show!! by Kanjani8 – A JE group at the #1, what a surprise! No, but really, it is a good song. It might not deserve this position but a good one none the less. It has a big band which is always good and it is the group that doesn’t have to have good voices bedcause they are “the funny ones”. And it works! The song entertains you (and the PV even more) and I know why they are one of the few Jonny’s groups I kind of follow. 8,5/10

So, this week would get an average rating of 7,6/10 and if you know how seldom I give full points and that mostly there aren’t any songs with ratings worse than 5 it’s normal. Not too good, not too bad. But I didn’t expected the taste of the Japanese masses to reflect mine anyway XD (So, to make it clear: this is just for fun. I won’t change my fandom because of some chart ratings xD)

I still am curious to find out what I’ll think about the Billboard songs o.o

UP TO YOU Review

UP TO YOU Tracklist:

1. MadNesS vol. 1
3. ChaNge the WoRLd
4. Why oh Why
5. HEy GirL
6. KiSS KiSS xxx
7. RaiN
8. Oh Oh…
9. Something Missing
10. One of a Kind
11. WoNDeRLaND?
12. Shibuya de Punch
13. YOU

Some days or maybe even a week ago I received my copy of this great debut album and it came with a little extra. A piece of newspaper about Japanese baseball thanks to my middle man! I found that cool but not as cool as my CD+DVD album. And after writing about her last single before this album I wanted to make sure you also know what I think about the new songs.

Of course all four A-sides can be found on this album. The similar sounding PROMiSE and ChaNge the WoRLd very matching placed right after each other. The catchy KiSS KiSS xxx not long after those two and almost at the end of the album there’s the beautiful ballad YOU. I think it would have been better to put it at the very end but who cares?

But not only the A-sides are here for your pleasure but also the B-sides. The attitude-rich HEy GirL from the first single, One of  a Kind and the a bit weird WoNDeRLaND? which I still find has too much mixes of English and Japanese. But there are also the Kind-of-B-Side Why oh Why which is a new version of YOY from the YOU single. I don’t exactly know which one I prefer. YOY sounds really playful but Why oh Why has the richer sound. I think it depends. And so there’s one last song that we already know which is the title song UP TO YOU. It actually is a new and now part-Japanese-part-English version of the all-english Fuck You And Your Money from her indies album. It’s now more like the rest of the album, going into the dance-direction and not so much rock. I think it lacks the power of FYAYM and it just doesn’t fit the position as album-closer.

That means there are 9 songs that we (kind of) already knew before the album was released, leaving us with 5 new songs. But in reality it’s only 4 because MadNesS vol. 1 is the intro. The only Japanese word in it is her own name and it is kind of crazy with little different instrumental parts and the lyrics are also fun. “Switzerland~”. There even are some references to the songs from her indies album.
Track 7 is the next new song RaiN. It’s laid back and simply consists of an acoutic guitar and some other sound effects but you don’t drown in it. The chorus is exactly like what we know from MiChi and maybe you could describe it as a slower version of KiSS KiSS xxx.
Oh Oh…
starts like it could be another song like RaiN and the whole song through you won’t get another impression. At least not if you only listen to the instrumentation. It’s MiChi’s vocals and the lyrics that make it different. We got this really soft drum beat and then again MiChi is full of attitude which is a really nice and not so often seen contrast. I already mentioned Fuck You And Your Money but even though the title implies it, the F-word never is heard in this song. In Oh Oh… it is.
With Something Missing we could almost be on her indies album again with the heavy vocoder and stuff. But that’s only for the verses since the choruses sound like her singles which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just her style and it’s still good. I would have loved more power but like this we get some feelings in the bridge.
The last one of the new songs is Shibuya de Punch and it might be the most creative song with the different vocal styles like the “normal” singing, the singing under the vocoder and her “asking”. The music also makes some changes from a really modern, fast song to a more laid back and simple styled one with some influences of traditional asian music, I think. With it’s long outro it lais the path for YOU after it.

Since I also got the DVD that came with the limited edition of the album I will shortly say something about it. The PVs are good and creative for a newcomer. Sure, PROMiSE and ChaNge the WoRLd are kind of similar but you can’t help that. I would have loved to see some Making of or a new PV for one of the album songs but at least there’s the CD+DVD version and you don’t have to purchase the PVs extra (Damn You, Chihiro!)

I can’t really say much negative about this album. We got a lot of songs we already know but some of them were new mixed or even with new lyrics and all in all are 5 new songs a good amount for an album. Which singer gives you an album of 14 tracks with only one Intro?! And all in all are the songs great anyways and if you don’t have the singles you don’t have the heard-too-often-effect. I only hope that MiChi tries out a bit more or finds her way back to the “extremer” music like on MiChi MadNesS.
I think my money was well spent.

P.S.: My favorite tracks are in italic.