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Mai Fukui’s Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm Tracklist:

1. I’m here with you
2. Kibou no Uta
3. Ashita wa Good Day
4. Yasashii Hana
5. You are everything
6. Mahou wo Kudasai
7. Kanawa Nakatta Koi Demo…
8. Trust Your Way
9. Yasashii Hito ni Naritai
10. If
11. Ai no Uta ~Lucky Charm Ver.~

I first listened to Mai Fukui when her single CanCan was released. That was at about the same time that I started listening to Mao Abe. So in my head those two artists are connected somehow. And since I write about Mao a bit more I thought I could at least write my thoughts to Mai’s sophomore album down.

I listened to Lucky Charm now three times and let me tell you what my problem was with her first album before talking about the new one. My Song For You had way to many ballads after hearing how great her voice works with a pop song like Can Can.

Well, Lucky Charm still goes into that direction. There are less ballads now but the pop songs became slower and slower to the point where you really didn’t know if it still was a pop song or a ballad. The ballads are still great and I think that has a lot to do with her voice. She got a not too deep but full voice that makes every ballad into something less shallow. Something with more depth. But if you are someone like me you can’t listen to them all the time.

The faster songs are what I wanted for the most part and those songs are namely Kibou no Uta, in which you can also hear that she doesn’t have the worst english. You are everything surprises with a hint of country I think, though my knowledge about country is very limited. And Yasashii Hito ni Naritai was a lot of fun but it can get on your nerves if you listen to it multiple times. It’s just too repetetive for that. But it’s good for a listen now and then.

The album ends with a new version of Ai no Uta, her debut single. Back then it was a classic ballad with piano and strings but now it fits into the sound of the album. The new instrumentation features the acoustic guitar heavily. I guess I like that version better because I have a weak spot for acoutic guitars.

After all this album is for you if you enjoy her voice. And I do think that most people would in that high voice jpop world. It’s something different and even if you’re like me and aren’t that fond of ballads (well, most of the time) I think you would still find something to like on this album since in my eyes it is a B+ album. But for the next I want a bit of change please.


The Best of 2009 (Part 1)

Now I give you my personal Top 15 – 11 albums of 2009 (from asian artists or artists that are under an asian label).
Let’s start right off:

#15  alan’s Voice of Earth

I’m not really a big alan fan but this album impressed me. I can’t stay awake if I listen to it in one go but the songs themselves are really good pieces of music. Of course my favorites are the ones released beforehand as singles but for my German blog I reviewed them all so it makes sense that i’m more attached to them. As you might already know, her second Japanese album sucks, so maybe that’s the last time that she’ll ever be on my year’s end list.

Best Songs: Ashita e no Sanka, Tennyo ~Interlude~ and Brave

#14  Kumi Koda’s Trick

I liked some Kumi songs back in the day when I started getting into J-pop but now, for the first time, I looked at an album of hers in its full glory and it was good. I love danceable tracks and Kumi gives you a lot of those. Still, her ballads aren’t my cup of tea and so is her Engrish. I don’t know how I can still be bothered by this when I look at the amount of J-pop I listen to but it’s still something I like to rant about. Well, all in all I’m looking forward to her new album even though I only liked one song from the singles…

Best Songs: TABOO, show girl, This Is Not A Love Song and Hurry Up!



(Yes, this is the already mentioned exception.) I’m still not sure about the position of this album in my Top Albums but I knew after listening to it a few days ago that I had to include it. It’s still the pop-rock we are used from her but she slowly tries new paths especially with the collaboration singles featuring this anime girl (I forgot her name) and one half of Bennie K. I hope like this she gains more fans. I’m already one. I mean, she has the colors of the German flag in her hair xD

Best Songs: Don’t Save Me, Dreamer, PUSH and Miles Away

#12  Mai Fukui’s My Song For You

This is the second debut album in my ranking this year and you can’t really say something bad about her voice which is the default complaint about debut albums. Well, at least I can’t say something bad about her voice. But what I can criticize is the number of ballads on this album. And I think that’s about it. The ballads are still nice to listen to most likely because of her not too high voice. But some more faster songs in the future would be nice.

Best Songs: Can Can, My Song For You, Lucky and Plastic Girl

#11  Rie fu’s Urban Romantic

So, this was the album were she tried new things with her music and made a good comeback, at least for me. Tobira Album was kind of disappointing and even though I can’t fully say Urban Romantic is as good as her first two albums it’s good in its own way. I liked the electronic sound even though sometimes it was a bit too much. This beeping all the time in one song… But one has to wonder why it’s been so quiet around Rie lately. The album was released in April but there’s still no new single in sight :/

Best Songs: drummy, romantic (Strings Version) and Something In My Head

Those were the first 5 albums but stay interested, there are still 10 left!
Although they could be quite obvious if you’ve followed this blog. Well, not all of them. I believe only one. You should have stalked me on to know it, I guess…

TABOO, show girl, This is not a love song und Hurry Up!

Quick look at some albums from the last 6 months

I’m really, really out of ideas (except for one…) and that’s why I will just look back at the last 6 months (+) and think about some albums that were released in that time and are of some interest to me. Omg, that won’t be just Jpop albums, so be warned!

It will always be three albums in a group even though they won’t be connected in any way because I will do this in a chronological order.


Gee by Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – The song Gee is a real burner but I have to be honest: The rest of the album wasn’t as good as I hoped in the beginning and I don’t remember a song besides Gee.

free by Mao Abe – I think I made my feelings about this album and this artist clear with my last entry. It’s just a dream when you think about how it is a debut album and that she wrote everything herself at her young age.

Trick by Kumi Koda – I love all the dance tracks and I even like one of the ballads o.o Her engrish is a bit annoying at times but you get used to it. Really hot album and I’m still not sure if it’s my #1 when it comes to Kumi.


Lonely Road by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – I was so happy when I listend to this album because Don’t You Fake It was a disappointment. There was just Face Down that really stood out and even though many people loved Guardian Angel it never really impressed me. And here we have a lot of unique songs and they all have a good portion of power with them! Love it!

Buono! 2 by Buono! – This was the album that was the reason that I’m to date very near to a full wota. I read somewhere that Buono! would be the right group if you’ve never been into idols but are interested and… at first I didn’t think of them as something special. But whenever I wanted to rate a specific song from this album I could almost never say “Meh…” they were all good in their own way. And now I love specific songs!

My Song for You by Mai Fukui – Mai Fukui is a newcomer from 2008 that I also think of writing about. There’s just the problem that I expected something different from her debut album. Well, not expected but hoped. After the single Can Can her lively side just was the thing I needed in that rainy spring back then but the album mainly contained more songs that were calm and good for your soul. I learned to really like the songs but I’m still hoping for a more powerful next single.


NEO by MUNEHIRO – There’s not much to talk about because I don’t really know the singer but the album is very good for the summer. Well, somehow that was a bit redundant to say because it’s J-Reggae/Dancehall. That says it all.  I just want more albums like this because the summer is going to stay for a bit longer and I need suitable music!

Voice of Earth by alan – This is a 50/50 album. There are these phenomenal tracks where she shows what she is capable of and then there are those filler tracks. They may be good if you want to sleep but for me music should be for something different. I still really enjoy her music, don’t get me wrong. And as a sidenote: The B-sides are often also very good.

This Is The One by UTADA – I just love it! I love everything under the name UTADA it seems o.o (That cleary excludes Cubic U >_<) When you look at my profile you will see that the UTADA tracks are almost as much as the Hikaru Utada ones. The album has that special feeling to it and Poppin’ is the only song I avoid. It just gets on my nerves~ But the rest ist ❤


The First Album BoA by BoA – I hope that’s the correct title. I know that a lot (well, the majority) thinks that this album is better than Hikki’s one when it comes to the american releases but my opinion is just different. I only listen to four songs from this album I think. Namely: Eat You Up, Did Ya (which really is great but totally different than the rest of the album), Did It For Love and Hypnotic Dancefloor. So, there are those songs and… the other ones. But those four songs are enough for me to keep the whole album.

Platnimun 9 Disc by Morning Musume. – I’m still relatively new to the whole H!P scene but it was like a must to listen to a Morning Musume album after getting some other groups to know. And yes, there is Resonant Blue which got me to like the nine girls and made me take a closer look but the rest is nice nevertheless nothing that special. Shouganai Yume Oibito after all gives me hope for the next single even though I like the B-side a lot more.

Driving Hit’s by Kumi Koda – And another Kumi album. I didn’t expect anything great from this album and I think that’s the reason I like it so much. The whole album just flows but you can still listen to one song for its own and you won’t be disappointed. Good work! Maybe not from Kumi but… from whoever~


NEXT LEVEL by Ayumi Hamasaki – I was quite surprised myself that I like that album so much. First I though it was nice but after I wrote the review for my German blog it just hit me that this album is so good because there are some songs that are so epic that one or two fillersongs (even though even those are good) aren’t that bad. Ayu keeps on making music I love ❤

A Shipwreck in the Sand by Silverstein – This is a somehow special album to me because it was released some weeks before I saw Silverstein the first time live. They didn’t change their style a bit but I think that’s the reason I love them. You can rely on their solid music and even though I don’t really have favorites from this new album (like My Heroin or Call It Karma from Discovering The Waterfront) but I will find the time and they will be there~

Dear Diary by FM Static – I don’t really know what I should wirte about this album because I just recently listend to this band and loved the lyrics and the music. Don’t even know which song belongs to which album but they all seem very good! Just wanted to promote them a bit.


Urban romantic by Rie fu – This was the album where our little J-Folk lady goes new ways and experiments a bit. And it worked really well for her even though I still like the Strings Verion of romantic better than the original one. At times it was a bit too much with all the soundeffects but the important point is that it wasn’t boring. *cough*Tobiraalbum*cough*

SEEDA by SEEDA – After I’ve listened to this album I was sure that it was a good thing I give everything that crosses my way a chance or maybe two. It’s HipHop and I don’t usually listen to it but this time I did and it was totally worth it. It’s just an interesting mix and you recognize other songs and you just are surprised how good the rapping works above those beats. It’s not the “toughest” HipHop you will find but it definitely is something that isn’t wrong to try out.

Sanmon Gossip by Shiina Ringo – I was so happy when I read that there was a new solo album coming and don’t get me wrong – I really like Tokyo Jihen but Shiina is a league of her own. With this album she basically moved more in the Tokyo Jihen direction but I don’t mind. It’s still a really good album and the only thing that could beat it is its cover xD

So, this was it. In the beginning I wanted to write about more albums but to some of them I haven’t really been listening enough for an oppinion and other ones belong more to the second half of the year. Maybe I make something like this also for singles but I doubt it. But who knows~

I hope the next entry has a clearer concept… xD