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10k and Thank you!

It happened again. Another milestone! And of course I want to say thank you to all my readers even though I don’t even know how this blog managed to have any at all.

I’m not the most productive person. And even though summer break finally has arrived I somehow lack the motivation to write anything. Oh, it’s not that I don’t have ideas. I want to write about the new AKB48 Team A stage that I still have to watch and about JASMINEs debut album. And about Mao Abe’s latest single since the posts about her seem to be one reason why people find creamed potatoes.

This is my lazy week. And when I say lazy I mean lazy. I guess I can write something this weekend. I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t.


1 Year!

I can’t believe it. I really kept a blog running for a whole year!

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t do much in the last months but I always thought about the blog and wanted to write more. Just about one more month and I will find the time to write more.

In about that time I will also be at one of the Gackt concerts in Germany that’s why I’m listening through his discography. Maybe I will write about this a bit. And the second Rock’n’Roll Circus post will come, too.

I hope I will keep this blog up for another year or more. I really like having something that I can look back at and see that I have created something that other people also like to read. I guess with over 8800 views that’s more than I could have imagined.

Thank you for all your comments and also thanks for just reading ^__^

Next is 10 000!

I know I’ve become kind of silent in the last few days but like in most cases it’s just school that is kicking my butt lately. But only one more week and all those tests are over. Well, for now.

But other than just complaining about school I wanted to say Thank You to all my readers!

5000! That’s such a big number for me!

I can’t believe that this blog is almost 7 months old and I still kind of keep it running. I think I’ve never had a hobby before where I really had to do something that lived for such a long time. Let’s hope I can continue like this!

So, look forward to new posts. There’s a new AKB48 single coming (and their dorama is running too) and my beloved Mao Abe releases her second album in the near future. I think I can make a post about something like that~

Thank you ❤

First Milestone

I know it might not be much but for me it is a big thing:


I’ve hit the 1000 views mark and that after not even two months!

I’m very happy about that and I want to thank you my readers^^
Especially Jin from Sora to Kujira since he was the first one I told about my attempt of an English blog as well as CK♂ and pengie because they featured some of my blogposts on Internetional Wota. That is the best way to push the self-confidence of a new blogger!

And I want to say that I’m always happy about the comments you all write :3
I didn’t realize it were more than I saw because I forgot to check the spam folder.
(Sorry Jin, somehow most of yours went into exactly that >///<)

I hope I can deliver more read-worthy blog entries in the next months to entertain you!

Thank you ❤

My Way

In the last days I realized that this blog becomes more and more like a review blog and that wasn’t what I had planned.
I wanted to write about different stuff but I don’t have any ideas and that bothers me.
So, if anyone of you has an idea for me to blog about I would really appreciate it.

But of course I’m always interested in new music so if someone has a single or an album and want me to write a review about it I would be happy to do so. Just write a comment ^_^

The last thing to say is that even if this becomes a review blog I won’t have a list of artists I will always do. It depends on the release if it is worth writing about. And it takes the pressure off. When I’m forced to write something I certainly don’t want to do it.

I think I will write about Ayu’s newest single “Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~” today or tomorrow. Yes, I think.


Welcome to Creamed Potatoes!

This is a blog by me, the amazing Sharly aka PrivateLaughter and all variations of those names xD

This should be a place where I can practice my English a bit and also something were I can post more freely. I already have a blog called “MuSiC MadNesS” but it’s in German and a review blog, which isn’t as free as I want it sometimes.

Here I’m going to rant and rave a bit mainly about Jpop. Maybe I also will write some reviews when something’s very good or very bad and I want my opinion not only to reach my German readers. Also I could review something I’m not featering on my other blog. Who knows~

I hope you’ll have a good time here and I’ll have a good one writing everything :3

Ja mata~