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Mai Fukui’s Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm Tracklist:

1. I’m here with you
2. Kibou no Uta
3. Ashita wa Good Day
4. Yasashii Hana
5. You are everything
6. Mahou wo Kudasai
7. Kanawa Nakatta Koi Demo…
8. Trust Your Way
9. Yasashii Hito ni Naritai
10. If
11. Ai no Uta ~Lucky Charm Ver.~

I first listened to Mai Fukui when her single CanCan was released. That was at about the same time that I started listening to Mao Abe. So in my head those two artists are connected somehow. And since I write about Mao a bit more I thought I could at least write my thoughts to Mai’s sophomore album down.

I listened to Lucky Charm now three times and let me tell you what my problem was with her first album before talking about the new one. My Song For You had way to many ballads after hearing how great her voice works with a pop song like Can Can.

Well, Lucky Charm still goes into that direction. There are less ballads now but the pop songs became slower and slower to the point where you really didn’t know if it still was a pop song or a ballad. The ballads are still great and I think that has a lot to do with her voice. She got a not too deep but full voice that makes every ballad into something less shallow. Something with more depth. But if you are someone like me you can’t listen to them all the time.

The faster songs are what I wanted for the most part and those songs are namely Kibou no Uta, in which you can also hear that she doesn’t have the worst english. You are everything surprises with a hint of country I think, though my knowledge about country is very limited. And Yasashii Hito ni Naritai was a lot of fun but it can get on your nerves if you listen to it multiple times. It’s just too repetetive for that. But it’s good for a listen now and then.

The album ends with a new version of Ai no Uta, her debut single. Back then it was a classic ballad with piano and strings but now it fits into the sound of the album. The new instrumentation features the acoustic guitar heavily. I guess I like that version better because I have a weak spot for acoutic guitars.

After all this album is for you if you enjoy her voice. And I do think that most people would in that high voice jpop world. It’s something different and even if you’re like me and aren’t that fond of ballads (well, most of the time) I think you would still find something to like on this album since in my eyes it is a B+ album. But for the next I want a bit of change please.