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…surely isn’t because of the music.

I have to say I’ve listened to the album and I just thought that every song sounded the same.
Some days ago I also listened to their new single “Infinity” because I read that it’s something a bit different but it totally wasn’t what I expected. I don’t even can remember how any of those songs sounded.
So, to sum things up: GND isn’t of my intereset because of their songs.

But what else could it be?
The three gourp member? That cute girl that mostly represents the group?
Also here I have to say: No.
I don’t even know how they are called.

The question ist: What do you see/hear often even though you don’t try to keep up with what the group is doing?

The covers!

Most of them have something special to them and that’s why I like them.
So, here comes a bit of a picspam:

I like the cover from Jounetsu no Daishou / ESCAPE simply because I love England.
I want to go there again so badly~

If you don’t love that giant shoe then I don’t know what’s wrong with you o.o
Hihi, that rhymed~

I once read a comment about that cover and that ballet tutu’s should be banned. How you can imagine I feel different about theme. Especially in that picture. I love the whole atmosphere and the tree with those bows is just such an eyecatcher. And… where do these boots end?

And last but not least:

Hey, you have to think of that idea first. And the angle is also interesting.

Do I need words?