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AX 2010 – Day 4

A bit late but here comes the last post about the AX 2010.

Now the top songs with Day 4:

25 – Kuroi Tenshi Man, Fujie Reina got a great voice. I didn’t know that. And the song is really good. At least it grew on me and now gets stuck in my head pretty easily.

24 – Kodoku na Runner This song is very energetic and I guess that’s why people like it. But I do have tosay that I still don’t like those dresses. All those feathers. It just looks ridiculous.

23 – Tenshi no Shippo From the black angels in Kuroi Tenshi to the white ones. But I think this song is too cute and it doesn’t really grads my attention. Well, I’m just not a loli lover.

22 – Kataomoi no Taikakusen This is again one of the first performances I’ve ever saw but I only remember because of the dresses. The song itself wasn’t memorable enough…

21 – Aitakatta I guess this is the song most people think about when the think of AKB. And even though the chorus gets annoying with time the rest of the song still is a pretty good pop song that you can enjoy. I like it.

20 – End Roll The girls are great and the performance wasn’t bad either. The song has something special but it yet has to become one of my favorites.

18 – Relax! The opening for Mendol and so one of the songs I heard a lot. But you don’t have to hear it that many times to like it. The chorus is just great and makes you like it right away. And it is good to sing along to.

18 – Only Today I think I said it often enough that I really adore those dresses but sadly that doesn’t make me like the song more. It’s, well, mediocre.

17 – Zannen Shoujo Those 3- member in sexy dresses units are very popular it seems. And even though I didn’t really know this song I think I will hear it more often. I kinda like it.

16 – Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate Yes, 3-member unit again. And this seems to be the perviest of them all considerin the age of the girls. Just look up the lyrics. But the song itself, without the meaning of the lyrics, only got a good chorus and the rest ist kind of blah.

15 – Korogaru Ishi ni Nare This is the song my vote went to and I’m so happy that it made Top 15. Team K just needs it song on the last day or it wouldn’t feel right!

14 – Tsundere! A lot of people like this song really much and after watching the performance I think I know why. It is a good listen and a lot of fun. The outfits do the rest.

13 – Baby! Baby! Baby! This ist he perfect summer single! And the only thing sad about the performance is, that they’re not in their bikinis. And yes, I think Baby!³ is better than Ponytail to Shushu. I still have to listen to it more.

12 – Temodemo no Namida This is actually a pretty cool song even though I don’t like Takajo Aki very much. She’s one of the girls I don’t like for no apparent reason. Well, can’t do much about hat.

11 – Nakinagara Hohoen de It’s a very lovely song even though I can’t listen to it very. Sometimes it’s just too boring for me. And Yuko really has a nice voice but sometimes it sounds a bit off. Could be because of how flat the song is sung.

10 – BIRD Now this is what I call one of my favorite 3- member units! Great song, great choreography and great girls! How can someone not like it?

9 – 3 Seconds Yay for Persona! If I had any say in this then a lot of songs from No3b would sound similar. But please, make the wigs disappear. I can’t stand them.

8 – Shonichi Last years winner. I learned to love this song and I love to whistle to it. I totally understand how the Team B fans decided to vote for this song last year.

7 – Heart Gata Virus I heard from a lot people that they like this song but I don’t get why. But if I look back there are many songs where this is the case. I just seem to have a different taste, eh?

5 – RIVER And we start the run of the singles with the best one in my opinion. I mean really, that song was something different. Maybe not when it comes to the lyrics but the song itself was pretty special I think.

4 – Oogoe Diamond Quite a good single but in no way better than RIVER. And I know that I act butthurt…

3 – 10nen Zakura To be honest, I never really cared about this song despite it being a single. But me not caring doesn’t make it a bad song. It is in fact quite good.

2 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara Change of clotehs, change of girls! This cute Under Girls song  made second place. Last year Team B was supported, now the Under Girls. Seems like somwhere out there is the Underdog-Lover-Alliance.

1 – Iiwake Maybe So, this was the best song of 2009 and I’m okay with that. It was a great single, the only problem were the high notes. But you get used to it.

This was the Top 25 of the AX 2010. It was a pretty good concert but you have to like the singles to enjoy the whole concert. It was fun to watch but the top songs show you quite clear that more and more normal people are interested in AKB and actually vote. Next year will be interesting.


AX 2010 – Day 3

Oh my God, it’s been so long! I’m really sorry!
But I realized that soon this blog will be one year old and I want to be trough with the AX2010 till then. So I’m working really hard on it now!

Day 3:

50 – Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umameru This is a Chocolove song and though my Oshimen is Sayaka I’ve never really bothered checking them out. What I’ve stumbled upon wasn’t too exciting and it’s the same for this song. Not really my cup of tea.

48  – Yuuhi wo Miteiruka It was a single but it shouldn’t have been one. It’s not really exciting or anything even though the chorus is nice.

48 – Sasae This song also is kind of slow and boring to me but I like it anyway because of its meaning and that’s even more intense now since the Team shuffle and everything…

47 – MARIA Really, really great song. Nothing more to say. I don’t think this song could be any better but please show me a shuffle where there’s only someone else in Kasai’s position and I might change my mind.

46 – Junjou Shugi Hot girls but the song itself good be a bit more fierce. But I like it. Team B should do a lot more in that direction. There is a lot of power in those little lolitas.

45 – Kinjirareta Futari For someone who only likes certain ballads by a quite limited number of artists this is really one I can listen to from time to time without getting bored. The chorus is simply beautiful and the “dance” just suits it so perfectly!

44 – AKB Sanjou! Man, this song is great! All this power! I wish I had known it sooner! I really need to watch all the stages or little jewels like this one won’t be discovered be my~

43 – Faint Graduated members time! I can’t stop feeling sad that I didn’t get to know AKB48 before Hana graduated… Well, about the song. It’s damn catchy especially the last engrish chorus. Gets stucked in my head quite easily. Oh look, there it is again!

42 – Dear my teacher A classic that doesn’t really get old. But I can’t help but think that the uniforms look kind of retro. Must be that shade of pink…

41 – Saka Agari I know I say this a lot but this song isn’t that great. It’s nice, it’s not like you want to rip your ears off or something but it just doesn’t do anything more for me than beeing okay.

40 – Renai Kinshi Jouei It starts kinds sexy and the outfits make you think somethign similar but it doesn’t take long and it becomes more and more poppy. What a waste.

39 – BINGO! The first AKB48-Single I’ve ever bought. Even the LE! And I got so used to the colorful dresses in the PV that the only thing disappointing in this performance are the white outfits. But good song.

38 – Itoshiki Natasha I think a theater performance of this song was the first video I ever watched of AKB. And it was great. The song is very good, the voices are good and what I realized later: the song got one of the best line contributions ever. This can be an issue in AKB Unit songs.

37 – Sougen no Kiseki The song is nothing special but Sayaka got solo lines in the beginning and the green Team K shirts are kinda cute. A welcomed change from all those frilly outfits.

36 – Tonari no Banana This song is way to cute for my taste…

35 – Junai no Crescendo I think my love for AKB48 started with this song. I’ve listened to some stages to hear for myself what AKB was about and one day I kept listening to Junai no Crescendo. Love it still ❤

34 – Saishuu Bell ga Naru This is a song like made just for me but something’s missing. I just can’t put my finger on it. But a very good song nonetheless.

33 – Pajama Drive I start seeing why people like this song so much but I’m not there yet. Give some more listens, it will come eventually.

31 – Sakura no Hanabiratachi Nice seeing this classic still quite good positioned in the ranking. I hope it doesn’t drop any lower next year.

31 – Ame no Pianist This is a Team S song and … T_T I miss Moe. Why didn’t they bring her back for AX?! Good song, good song. But not quite the same without her. It’s hard losing an Oshimen…

30 – Nattou Angel So this is the special song to advertise, well, Nattou. It’s kind of funny and I don’t think you really hear that it’s not a realy AKB song.

29 – Hikougi Gumo performed by the Theater Girls! I think it’s nice that they get to perform their B-Side. Even though it might just be a lot more logical because of who performed before and after them. The song itself is… nice.

28 – Tane Hadn’t heard this No3b song yet and now I’m not really impressed. I think they’ve improved over time.

27 – Te wo Tsunaginagara And another appearance from Team S. I have to say that this song might work at the beginning of a stage to get everyone in a good moog but at the end of a concert it’s just too mediocre to have a real impact on me.

26 – First Love It’s quite boring but got this cute chorus. All and all i can understand how this song positioned so high. If you want to support your Oshimen what better way is there than to vote for her solo?

This was Day 3 of the AX2010 and I think it was quite a good one. My numbers tell me Day 2 was better but I think that depends on my mood at the moment. The final day will come tomorrow or the day after that.

AX 2010 – Day 2

If I keep posting like this, I’ll finish my four posts about AX 2010 in July. Let’s hope I’ll be a bit more productive.

I like my blog when it got lots of blue numbers in the calendar to the right…

Well, here we go, Day 2:

75 – Kimi ni Au Tabi Koi wo Suru We start out with a nice but not too special song. Well, that’s what I think but at least there are 24 other songs to come.

74 – Kimi wa Pegasus Such a great and a bit different song and it’s placed #74? What’s wrong with the people? The only thing I can do is hope that it won’t drop even more in next year’s AX. And vote for it.

73 – Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~ A nice song that I always tend to forget. It’s on the mellow side but the chorus is very lovely so it doesn’t get too boring. I think it depends on your mood if you like this song.

72 – Kioku no Dilemma I don’t listen to the Himawari-Gumi stages often enough. I mean I listened to all stage songs at least once but I couldn’t remember this song when it came on. But I like it none the less.

71 – Nagai Hikari I love it when Takamina starts this song and there are goose bumps all over the place and then it kind of sadly changes. That’s why I chose this picture instead of one with more girls. Even though the dresses are fun but Takamina looks almost heartbreaking here. Well, the rest of the song is pretty idolish.

70 – Shiroi Tulip Watarirouka Hashiritai’s first appearence and I think I’ve never seen playback being so bad. It almost hurt but just almost because… I’m an idol lover. Well, the song is sweet~

69 – Tanpopo no Kesshin It’s a cute song even though though it’s nothing special. The outfits are special but special in a way that you don’t mind seeing only the head of … I think that’s Maeda Ami. I’m not sure XD

67 – Tobenai Agehachou Yay for fierce Under Girls song! I really like the song and that those outfits are great as well as the dance makes it just better. Always nice to watch it. The Under Girls should again get a chance to shine like in this song.

67 – Wasshoi B! This song is very cute and energetic. I like it that it is some kind of Team B hymn. Even I (as Team K fan) shout B! B! B! Wasshoi! when listening to this song XD

66 – Minasan mo go Issho ni And another Team B song. They didn’t even change their outfits. No problem, because this song is as energetic as the one before if not even more so. With song after song I see more and more of Team B’s power. Wow!

65 – Hatsukoi Dash It’s WH again! And I can almost say the exact same thing as in their first appearence. Cute song, bad lip-syncing.

64 – Yaruki Hanabi Read above.

63 – Chuu Shiyouze! It’s the AKBIdoling!!! song and it is quite addictive! Would have been funny if they had Idoling!!! as their guests but this way we can see more AKB girls. That’s okay, too.

62 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou This song is pure fantasies come true! I can’t believe it didn’t even made the Top 50. What a shame. At least it marks another highlight that day. But there are more to come (for me).

61 – Christmas Present I watched MenDol and really enjoyed it but this Persona/No3B song is just boring to me. I don’t know why. I mean it’s not bad but it’s not my type of song.

60 – Bye Bye Bye A song that I like for how nicely the title is the chorus. Well, you get the impression that it almost only consists of those three words. But that’s something good as long as you don’t listen to it like for an hour. I guess after that it could get on your nerves.

59 – Dakishimeraretara Pretty sexy song. It has this smooth, slow sound that just more than qualifies it for bedroom music. I like it.

58 – Wimbledon e Tsureteitte First SKE song on that day? And somehow I’ve got the feeling that Jurina wasn’t originally part of this unit. Well, who else is there to sub for a missing girl? Yeah, all the other girls. But whatever. The song is sweet but I kind of disliked it for its in-you-face-kind of cuteness.

56 – Wagamama na Nagareboshi The start of the song and the chorus sound really cool and overall it’s somehow a disco feeling. I think it could have also worked as stage song for a whole team but it’s nice to have a song like this performed by only two girls.

56 – Takeuchi Senpai I liked this song mainly for the reason that Sayaka gets a lot of screen time. The two-layered part of the song is a nice idea but all in all it’s quite a simple song.

54 – Mushi no Ballad I love it so much that Sayaka has her own solo! But to be honest, the song had to grow on me first. But now I really like it. And about this performance: I liked how she used like almost the whole stage.

54 – Nagisa no Cherry The super unfair but super fun unit that could get annoying. Cherry, cherry girl~

53 – Yuuwake no Garter I love SDN48. Everytime I see or hear something by them that’s new to me it’s always great. This performance is one of these things. They all got great voices, the song has something special and the performance is just what you’d expect from those girls but with style.

52 – Blue Rose And more Sayaka. The end of Day 2 is seriously just great. Just like this song. Meetan, come back T_T

51 – Tsuyoki Mono yo SKE48 definitley had the better debut single in my eyes. The chorus gets stucked in your head and even when it’s just a performance and there aren’t the pretty close-ups from the PV the dance still rocks! I want to learn it!

Day 2 was sure a step up from Day 1 but that’s just what you’d expect, isn’t it?

AX 2010 – Day 1

AX 2010, that’s what we call it. The full title is “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2010” and it was held at the AX. I guess next year it’s going to be some other venue because the AX will be no more. But we fans will find another short name for this big event.

The AX 2010 is a four day concert in which the Top 100 songs are performed. The fans vote for the Top 100 with the codes that they could get with the RIVER single or if you were a fanclub member and so on. Of course I voted too ^__^

Since I’ve developed into an Idol Show watcher more than an actual listener, many songs will still be kind of new to me so I’m excited to watch those concerts and state my opinion.

Let’s start with Day 1:

100 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi Look at that, Atsuko can be in the first unit of the evening. Isn’t that nice? Well, I don’t really care. So about the song: Well, it’s sweet and stuff but nothing too special, I guess. Not the strongest opener but it’s “only” #100 from what do I know how many.

99 – Namida no Shounan A performance that I always thought looked cool. Those outfits are really my cup of tea somehow. Something special about this song is that some ex-AKB members had a guest appearence. Maimai and Ayumi Orii I think. I hope that’s right. And I really liked Ayumi’s voice. Why are the good ones always gone already? The funny thing about Maimai is that I only now have realized how little she is. And how liked. You couldn’t even hear her singing really because of the loud shouts for her. And the song is defenitely better than the one before.

98 – Koike This is the song I always skip when it comes on because I can’t stand Mariko’s speaking voice. But I listened to the song anyway and I have to say that the chorus is quite infectious. If it just wouldn’t be “Mariko’s song”.

97 – Kaizuugyo no Capacity I love those outfits. They just rock so much. And the song is also good. A great Team K song even though the vocals could be a little bit more powerful. It tends to sound too quiet somehow…

96 – Tadaima Renaichuu This is the title song of Team A’s 4th Stage and by watching this performance I really want to do my stage reviews again. The song is just so much fun, exactly how idol music should sound like. And it’s the same with the dresses. They are just gorgeous ❤

94 – Boku no Taiyou And more great dresses! If I just could be that girly… And yes, I know that the 95 is missing. But that’s because there was a draw, so there are two 94. And the song was a single, so I know it. And have it stuck in my head sometimes. I still like it :3

94 – Higurashi no Koi Two of the best singers in AKB (imho) and one just beautiful song and it is #94?! What is wrong with this world? The song itself is already good but the perfomance gives it so much more feeling. (And they look beautiful, like always.) I really, really like it ❤

93 – Manatsu no Christmas Rose I guess the song was okay because it was January when the concert was held but it was weird watching the performance near Easter. And the song is sweet but it doesn’t make me watch it again.

92 – Glory Days Look, it’s SKE48! And it’s THE dance unit! They are jumping all over the place and are using the stage to the fullest. Was fun to watch. I had a cap from the performance where you can see how much they move but it wouldn’t be as pretty as the picture above. Glory Days is a fun song that suits the dancing and has this kind of tropical feeling to it. But party tropical. Not chilling tropical, I guess…

91 – JK Nemurihime Well, it’s a nice song but nothing more really. Imho…

90 – Nounai Paradise This song again is a great idol song because you can so easily sing along in the chorus. I mean, who doesn’t know all the weekdays? And it doesn’t even sound so bad. Good song!

89 – Girls’ T It was the first time I heard this No3B song and it was nice but I guess I just have to get more into the sub units to appreciate songs like this.

88 – Glass no I Love You This song is too girly for me. Way too girly for me. And look at all the pink…

87 – Sobakasu no Kiss I think that’s the first time since the beginning of the concert, that Team B appeared. And we’re already 45 minutes in! Well, it was a voted song order so it doesn’t mean they got shafted or anything. They are just too good for those lower places! xD Well, to be honest, the song is nice but not too much my taste.

86 – Chime wa Love Song And the next appearence of SKE48, but to be more specific it’s Team S and one of their songs from S2. I think it’s a typical stage song but that’s not too bad.

85 – Idol no Yoake I really, really like the idea of the marching band. Even though I’m not sure if all the girls could play their instruments. Something like a trumpet is pretty hard to play, I guess…

83 – Gomen ne Jewel It is a good song but I have to say that the best about it is Yuka’s voice. Even though Ayaka is also great. (Good choice as substitute for Yuko.)  Those two make this unit listenable~

83 – Confession I really like those rock units and I also like this song but somehow I feel that something is missing. Maybe it’s just because of who shuffled this unit really is. Don’t know…

80 – Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai This is one of those songs that I had no idea of when reading the title but through watching it I realized that I I think this song is really great. With so many songs it takes time to know them all xD

80 – Himawari The fact that this song starts with this happy and uplifting chorus is reason enough to make it place higher. That Sayaka is in this unit should at least put to song in the concert for the next day. I really like it as feel-good song.

80 – Kurukurupaa This song always confuses me because I can’t take it seriously and I just can’t seem to have fun just because of silly outfits. The music is nothing special but at least I saw Oku smile a little bit.

79 – Squall no Aida ni Except for the lovely outfits there’s nothing special I think. Music wasn’t too interesting…

78 – Skirt, Hirari This classic is still one of my favorite songs and I can’t help but to dig this line-up, even though it’s just all the popular girls together xD That means Acchan is still there and butchers the whole song with her solo line but I’ve come to peace with that…

77 – 16nin Shimai no Uta I simply love this song. It’s so much fun and with all those little gags they made in this performance you can’t help but fall in love with the Team K girls… And now they’re gone T_T (But you know that I’m happy with the new Team K~) Still extremely funny!

76 – RUN RUN RUN The last song for the evening and I would say a good song. A bit generic but I guess you could really love this song over time. Has this look happily towards the future vibe~

The first day was nice and there were a few very enjoyable performances but I guess the next days will get a bit better.

Shuffle 5 ~Idol Version~

So, before I begin with the next Stage by Stage I thought I could do what I sometimes do but this time I will write about it.

Since I started to be interested in H!P again (first time was around 2003/04 I think) I collected more and more Idol music. So much, that I can’t really tell the songs appart. Of course there are some exceptions but you get what I mean.

So, now I have some songs of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, °C-ute, AKB48 (<3), Idoling!!!, etc. and I will use iTunes to pick 5 for me that I will then write about here and give them stars or hearts or points or something.

So, let’s start with the first one:

Samidare Koi Uta by W

And we start right off with a total win! This is my absolut favorite ballad by W. Well, I don’t really know how much there are but I guess none of them can beat this song. So, it’s a ballad but the speacial thing is that their voices are over each other’s in some parts which is just a great effect and they manage it really well. And then, shortly before the chorus they start singing together. Goosebumps, I tell ya! So, to make it a bit harder for me I can only give 5 points and I try to avoid half points so my opinion is clearer. And even if they have squeaky voices that doesn’t hurt the song so much: 5/5

Rope no Yuujou by SKE48

Second song and already one I can’t find a cover for. Well, doesn’t really matter. I can remember that I really liked the song when I first was watching S2 so I’m curious what I will think when I will hear it now again. It’s a very powerful song with some rock elements in it what I really like. My favorite AKB48 song is similar so you can’t go wrong here. The chorus is also kind of catchy and there’s a guitar solo! (But it could have been longer). Hm, I could search for some flaws but right now I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it 5/5. I need a studio recording of this song!

Inochi no Tsukaimichi by AKB48

This song ranked #11 in my Top20 list and surley not without a reason. The beginning is really special because it’s so haunting and even without understanding what it means you can hear that the song has something mysterious about it. After the intro the song drifts into an a bit more poppy direction but not too much but the effect from the beginning can’t be hold, sadly. But it’s still a very good song because the verses and chorus are still good and the intro appears some more throughout the song. Team B did a good job here. 4/5 (<- if I included the performance it would be more.)

Darling I Love You by °C-ute

This was the b-side of Namida no Iro and as far as I know there’s also a Berryz Koubou version of the song. And that song was so promising at first with heavy guitar and synths and stuff and then it become this pop song with the typical Hey!s. And I understood Garin instead of Darling at first. But let’s hear what the song else has to offer. The chorus is annoying because of the repetition of the song title. The rest of this song consists of various parts that are thrown together so that it never really seems to flow. There was a part I liked (i think it was the longest of the verse) but it drowned because of all the other ones that were around it being crazy. Can’t really say I enjoyed it much. 2/5

image 1Ai no Iro by AKB48

Yes, AKB48 again. That’s not a surprise since one third of my “Idols” playlist consists of AKB48 songs. But this song doesn’t do much for me. It starts like it could be the beginning of some J-Tec song but that’s just the first two, three seconds. And then there’s not really something to talk about. Not for me at least. I’m curious what I will write about the song when I’ll review K5. Maybe the performance can save the song somehow. 2,5/5

So, that was it. Maybe I will do a singer-songwriter version of this or a J-rock version. I don’t know. We’ll see. I hope I can put the Stage by Stage to A3 up tomorrow~

48’s Latest Releases

This becomes more and more an AKB48 blog but whatever. I like it and that’s the only thing that matters, right?

Theater Version Cover

Theater Version Cover

SKE48’s first single Tsuyoki Mono Yo is a very powerful popsong. 00-00-09The chorus gets stucked in your head right away and the instrumental part after the first lines is also a very good detail. The verses are nice but after all when I think about the song I don’t really remember them. Even though it first had to grow on me I think now that it is a very good debut single and 00-02-35with all the power that the girls have it really suits them better than a song like Sakura no Hanabiratachi would. Unfortunately there is no B-Side. I wonder why they didn’t use a S2 as B-Side…

In the PV we see first how Jurina walks into an empty warehouse and then the other ones before the song starts and we see the girls (Team S) dance. I really like the dance because it is very powerful and suits the song perfectly. And it looks rather complicated but good at the same time. That’s 00-00-58something where you can see that those girls have experience. Beside that dance shot there are also some close ups that are really beautiful and the slow motion is the whipped cream topping. The main color in the PV is blue I think. That makes it a bit cold but the skin of the girls has a really warm color which is a nice touch I think. After all I think it’s a good debut PV and if you consider the budget they had I think it’s even better than most H!P PVs. They do something with the close ups, you see?

Theater Version Cover

AKB48’s latest release’s A-Side is calles Iiwake Maybe and is typical idol pop. The 00-02-01instrumentation is really fast forward while it is at times a bit slower. I think those changes are very nice. In the verses there are often a chor that sings the same after the main voices. Cute but can be bothering at times. I’m happy they didn’t rape the word “Maybe” like they did with “Surprise” but on the other hand there isn’t much that you can do with “Maybe”. At first I thought it was a bit annoying that they sing the “Maybe” twice 00-02-23and it sounded so high but now it really is a nice listen. The bridge is also good because you can hear different voices and not one of them is off. Well, “Namida Surprise” had some parts that were really cool but this song is more cute and idollike.  I’m curious what comes next.

I like how most of AKB48’s PVs got a storyline and with Iiwake Maybe it’s the same. At the beginning the girls fight because Acchan ruined their baseball game and Yuko is all ‘I’m going to kill you’ like (maybe that’s a bit over the top but wth~) and then there comes this woman (sensei?) who decides they are going to do a bike race of some sort. After that you see some scenes where they are riding their bikes and also 00-03-39a dance shot on a very green lawn. Of course there also are some close ups  but they aren’t that interesting. I also didn’t really pay attention to the dance because the parts of the bike race were too interesting. Really fun stuff and in the end the argument is forgotten and they are all friends again. Oh… okay, that’s a bit cheesy and I still think so but whatever because the important part is that this mood gets destroyed by … Sayaka! The ending is so handpalm but just watch it yourself.

The B-Side Tobenai Agehachou isn’t as fast as the A-Side which is a nice 00-03-18contrast. It has some R’n’B trown in and seems more mature than the latest AKB48 singles. The song has character and isn’t like some stage song that I forget after watching it which is one point why I like that song really much. Also it has some kind of dreamy feeling to it when you listen to the bridge. But one of the biggest points why I like this song is …

…the PV because it only features the members that placed 21 – 30 in the senbatsu selection. And that’s a good thing because now there are only 10 girls which makes 00-02-26the PV less crowded. But it’s a B-Side and because of that it also had a small budget like “Tsuyoki Mono yo” had. I’ll tell you the differences. But first what they have in common: A warehouse. Yes, again but that seems to be a trend at the moment if you look at Morning Musumes “Nanchatte Renai”. Opposed to SKE48 the outfits that the “Undergirls” are wearing are really fierce and so is the PV it self. It got a really hot dance with 00-03-37fascinating moves (and some weird ones) and the ground is wet. Doesn’t sound like much but looks really stylish. I like the part in the dance were they interact with each other :3 Besides the dance there are some close ups and I really mean close. Some of those close ups came out rather nicely and others… not. If you try to film the face so close don’t try to get it all. Parts are okay and really welcomed. The whole PV has some dark but also warm mood because of the brown I think. I really like it even though it’s simple.

First Impression of “Te wo Tsunaginagara”

My first real post goes to SKE48 since I’ve lately really been into idols and idol music. And today I finally watched my first stage and even though it wasn’t one of the AKB48 Teams it really was fun.

I will decorate this post with some *cough* screencaps. That’s the first time I do something like that so I don’t know if there will be too much caps or … not. And I have to warn you, someone who really is into AKB/SKE48 should not be too harsh with me since I barely know any names. I just looked who the girls where that really stood out for me.

So let’s start with SKE’s Team S’ second stage “Te wo Tsunaginagara”!


I absolutely loved it when I saw those bunny ears. They are hilarious~


The first song was Bokura no Kaze and it was a nice beginning. The chorus was sweet and so it did its job.


I think in the second song Mango No. 2 they still had those outfits but in the third song not any longer. I have to say that Mango No. 2 is at some points very crazy but on the other hand it’s just a bit too much the normal pop song. And to mention are also those costumes because I like them really much. I will say that severel times in this post I think but look at those cute white/golden boots!


The next two songs were performed in those outfits I think and one of those songs was the title track Te wo Tsunaginagara. And even though the outfits were colorful and unique, this song and also the following Chime wa Love Song seem to be missing exactly this. They just were mediocre.


Now we come to the unit songs and I won’t bother looking up which girls were in which song. The fans will recognize them or they already watched it. The first song is Glory Days and I heard a lot of good things about it in advance and it really is not bad at all. And Jurina (the only girl from SKE48 I knew before watching that stage) brings so much life to it. Although the other two were great as well. And to mention a detail about the cotumes (which I love) I just say how all girls everywhere need to wear more hats!


I can’t really say anything about Kono mune ho Barcode since I forgot anything about it… Maybe it wasn’t good, maybe I was distrected while watching it. I don’t know. But the outfits are cute, especially the little hats. (After looking at some H!P costumes I’m happy about every good outfit and SKE seems to have a lot of those~)


The thirs unit song Wimbledon he Tsuretette is pure sugar and this time I like it that way! All of the three girls (damn, i thought I could remember them. I think the one in blue is called Kumi…) were cute and I couldn’t take my eyes off of any of them. Their voices weren’t as high as expected which is a plus!


The fiercest (what a trendy word o.o I never looked up what it means xD) unit song is clearly Ame no Pianist and the performance really works. It’s totally hot and I love the passion of the three girls which all have very good voices but one just hit me:


Moe! She really could become my favorite SKE48 member. With that voice ah~ And I can easily recognize her because she has a unique face xD Yes, as shallow as I can seem when I can’t stop adoring all those outfits, I don’t usually pick my favorite Idols because of their looks~


Rena did also a good job as well as Yui but I just had to show you that screencap.
Isn’t it touching?


And so we come to the last unit song Choco no Yukue which most of the time distrected me with those bubble gum outfits. They are weird but they work somehow. It’s strange. The song is nice and a bit better than just mediocre but it definitely could have been better. When Masana sang one line, it was pretty early in the song, I swore it nearly would have been the Moe-Effect but after that one line I didn’t hear her voice like that again… What a shame…


The first song after the unit song could maybe be the best song of the whole stage but I’m not sure yet. Innocence is full of power and good voices. No solo line sounded off or something and I hope someone can tell me what girl sings the first line(s). That was amazing!
Oh, did I mention I love the outfits? ❤

Now some MC pics~


That one is from the very first MC and it was just cute how she started to cry
; _ ;


I just post that pic because I think it’s an amazingly cute face. And because I want you to compare her to…


… Jurina and the state she’s in. She looks so exhausted but very happy. That proofs that sports makes us smile xD You can see how hard they work when you look at all this sweat and her chaotic hair *__*


After that MC we get to see Daisuki and i would say it’s in that categorie of songs that are slightly better than just mediocre. The chorus was really nice. Am I wrong or do they really use hats often?

After that it gets dark and the audience gets to see some videos of members who want to be senbatsu for the next single. But than comes the important thing:


ENCORE! I’m not just so excited that it’s an encore but it’s the encore. Rope no Yuujou as well as Kayoubi no Yoru Suiyobi no Asa beat nearly every song before them. They are just Power’n’Rock’n’Roll! I was a bit tired while watching the stage but after those songs I was fully awake! I’m not even sure if they are better than Innocence~


The last song is called Tooku ni ite mo and even though I’m not a big fan of slow songs and ballads that one really was nice. I liked it and I thought it was a good way to end the stage. Very nice.

Since it was my first stage I can’t compare it to anything but I thought it was really good. All girls did a good job and even the songs that were mediocre were fun to see and listen to.
I’m happy I took the time today to watch it.

And so the lights go out…