2010: Glee Songs

So, this is kind of off-topic but this is my blog and the songs from Glee have become a pretty big part of my listening habit so I made a special 2010 Top 10 for Glee. It’s a bitch to make all those caps when they are always moving so fast T_T

#10 Glee Cast – Toxic

This song is special alone for the sung intro which I always sing along. Having Shue sing with the kids again was also very nice. And yay, Britney and stuff.

#9 Dianna Agron – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

I just love all the emotion Dianna brings into this song. And it’s simply something different for her after the pop songs she sang in the show. She needs more solos. Even though the duets with the guys are nice, too.

#8 Matthew Morrison – One Less Bell To Answer / A House is Not A Home (feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

I loved Kristin’s guest appearance because I already loved it when she sang in Pushing Daisies and this is definitely my favorite song with her (except for Last Name but that was 2009). And I keep singing along even though them singing it as an overlapping duet makes it impossible to sing it right.

#7 Darren Criss – Teenage Dream

First impressions are important and it’s a very good impression when you take a Katy Perry song and make it 300% better. Who couldn’t love the Warblers after this song?

#6 Glee Cast – Like A Virgin

All those great voices, isn’t it just perfect? And it was the first time Naya Rivera’s voice really stood out to me in a good way. A really good way. Oh and yes, not just her voice is wow ❤

#5 Glee Cast – Telephone

I don’t know exactly why but something about Charice’s voice made me listen to this song over and over again. Way more than to the original. I wasn’t even interested in the Gaga song but Glee just makes (almost) everything better. And yeah, where is Sunshine?!

#4 Jayma Mays – Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

Jayma’s voice goes places I thought only Japanese school girls could go. How can she sound so innocent and so dirty at the same time? Great song and she needs way more songs. One song per season just doesn’t cut it.

#3 Lea Michele – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Oh, Top 3! I really don’t know why I love this song so much but Lea just puts sooo much emotion into it. I don’t know. And the scene itself is just beautiful and sad and… ❤

#2 Naya Rivera – Valerie

Oh, Naya! Her voice just got so much better and this song is perfect for her! And even though it’s about the songs let’s not forget the epic dancing of Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. But yeah, Naya is enough reason for this song to be my Top 2!

#1 Glee Cast – Damn It, Janet

Let’s be honest. The song itself is full of win but what those two did with it was also great. Especially Lea. How can someone sing just so surprised sounding? And I have to admit, I couldn’t once skip this track when it came on. Not once. [Yay, Rocky Horror Glee Show twice!]

So, that was the little side trip with glee. Next are my favorite albums.
Everythings ready, I just have to write it down.


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