2010: Singles (A-Sides)

So, I pushed my review of the music from last year a bit back because I’m not really finished listening to everything. But now it’s february and I think it’s time. If I listen to something special from 2010 that wasn’t included here but should have been I will just blog about it the normal way.

But what were my Top10 a-sides of 2010 (as far as I know). I won’t break it down into language/country/genre etc. because I didn’t manage to listen to as much as I wanted. So I’m just gonna start:

#10 Selena Gomez & the Scene – Naturally

I didn’t really want to like this song but whenever I accidentally heard it while it was playing on TV it just got so stuck in my head that I had to give in and just ❤ it. I listened to the rest of the album and it’s quite good but nothing compares to Naturally.

#9 °C-ute – Dance de Bakoon!

I wasn’t sure which one to pick. Dance de Bakoon! or Otakebi Boy WAO! from Berryz Koubou. But because of Risako’s voice that I just cannot stand and the fact that Maasa once again has been screwed when you look at the amount of solo lines she gets I went with Dance de Bakoon! because it is a freaky, cool song and just as fun but with more bearable voices.

#8 Ayaka Hirahara – Keropak

Man, what a surprising song from Ayaka Hirahara, didn’t you think so?! And this is one of the songs that I put on my “makes me happy – instantly” list. It can be cold outside and I know I have to work with shitty weather for another 3 hours but then I listen to Keropak and I start smiling and almost dancing. It’s more of a skipping to the beat. But yeah, she should definitely do songs like this more often.

#7 3OH!3 – Double Vision

When I first listened to the album it was a rather mediocre listen and the only song that stuck with me was I’m Not The One because it was slow and something different. But over time I started really liking the whole album and it was a close run between Double Vision, See You Go and House Party but yeah, Double Vision takes the cake.

#6 ORESKABAND – Jitensha

2009 I started being interested in ska as it was something I never really heard of. And then I started liking it and so was 2010 the year when I tried listening to more ska. And you know, ORESKABAND already have the ska in their band name, who else should I have listened to? And Jitensha might just be the song with one of the most simple choruses but that’s what makes it just so much fun!

#5 AKB48 – Beginner

Japan’s #1 is my #5 but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I really do but I guess there are parts of me that do so because of the banned original PV and some do because there were actually some lines (more than one!) in the song that I could translate without any help. But still, this song rocks and it’s exactly what AKB48 should keep releasing. Except for when’s graduation season. I know you need your Sakura Song.

#4 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears

I never really undestood the whole craze about Nobody and this single too, I listened some weeks or even months after the release but it just hit me out of nowhere. It’s such and earworm and the english lyrics just add to that. I loved it. I had it on repeat for a whole night and never got tired of it.

#3 Patrick Stump – Spotlight (New Regrets)

If you have read this blog for a while (which I doubt) you might have read somewhere that I’m a Fall Out Boy fan. Well, Patrick’s going solo so of course I follow him. His voice is probably the main thing I love in Fall Out Boy but he doesn’t need his voice to convince me that he can make it on his own. This song is proof enough. If the whole album is going to be like this I am more than pleased. But, oh mother of god, that voice ❤

#2 Miss A – Breathe

I heard that on their first single there’s a song that’s even better. But I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m really interested but Breathe is enough for me at the moment. Not just is the MV one of my favorites from last year but also the dance and everything. Damn, this thing is cute. Whenever I didn’t know what to listen to I listned to Breathe. Because I knew I would listen to it for a while. One listen is just not enough when the song is only a little over 3 minutes long. Damn you KPop hooks!


All caps for my #1! This is a song that made me listen to the whole discography of an artist immediately. Again. I already followed her since her first single but THIS IS NOT A GAME made me realize that I probably didn’t give her a fair chance and after that every single just got better. Well, not better than this lovely song but definitely almost on the same level. And I guess you will find ONE on this list when I do it next year. Keep rocking JASMINE! Finally some kind of R’n’B that I can listen to without getting bored.

Well, here you have it. My Top10 for 2010 when it comes to a-sides. Next is album tracks and after that Glee. Because, I love Glee, you know. And then top albums. Oh, and no b-sides because I haven’t heard anything good really.


1 Response to “2010: Singles (A-Sides)”

  1. 1 MellowB February 9, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    Yay, good start on the looking back @ 2010 lists~
    Actually, quite a few surprises there, at least regarding everything out of the Top 5, I kinda expected those in the top 5 to be there somewhere. ^^

    Nice list either way, some good songs there! Tho, since I’m not really the single guy I guess I’m more looking forward to the top album tracks and top album lists which you hopefully get done soon. ❤

    Always a joy reading your posts~
    Keep 'em coming!

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