LOVE is. MiChi’s New Single

Yes, I think it’s a single. Only instead of the typical remix we get a second b-side. I just think they changed it to e.p. because oricon sees it as one because it has four tracks on it. Just like with Ayu’s A single back in the days

But enough about the formalities. The important thing is that MiChi, one again, delivered a really good single.

Love is. is the title track and I’m not even sure if it was the best decision but then again all of the songs would have worked as a-side. (Even though JUMP ON IT would have been a really freaky a-side.) It’s a rather fast song what I didn’t expect with this title. I imagined something like YOU but I am also very happy because I like this side of MiChi. All in all you could say it’s the typical MiChi sound like Change The World and similar songs with some electro thrown in but I don’t mind that because her latest singles have been kind of different for her.

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! starts of rather slow which is a nice change from the first song but then builds up to a much faster pace which is just what you would expect with the !!! in the title. The chorus is my favorite part of the song because it’s like you’ve been driving through a tunnel and suddenly there’s the sunlight again and you just drive towards the horizon. It’s a really nice feeling ❤

JUMP ON IT is the first b-side I listened to because a friend really, really, really, really likes it and wanted me to listen to it right away. And I have to say I’m not disappointed. The fast pace, the really fun lyrics, the attitude, that’s just what I like. It gets a bit repetative towards the end so if it would have been shorter it would have been good but that’s just my own preference. I like almost every song to be shorter just because of my short attention span.

The cover of PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) is really fun if you can let go of the original in your head. The effects can be a little much but MiChi makes up for that in the really strong chorus. You could almost think she owns those lines! The cover is not her best one but it’s still pretty good and the song itself is already pretty fly cool.

This single really should please everyone. It isn’t ruined if you don’t like the voice of the band’s singer she’s collaborating with or if you just can’t stand samples in any way. With the first two tracks you’re on the safe side and if you like MiChi’s whacky and experimental side you should listen to the second b-side and her cover. I personally like all of them very much ❤

Now let’s hope for a full album very soon!
(And when LOVE is. is on there, I’ll finally have prove that this is a single.)


2 Responses to “LOVE is. MiChi’s New Single”

  1. 1 MellowB January 16, 2011 at 12:24 am

    The attitude. \o/
    Yeah, love here whole attitude but that of JUMP ON IT in general, such a fun song. 😀
    Yeah, it’s a pretty good EP/single but man, I so wished for a full album in 2010. But yeah, considering that she wasn’t “that well” back then… lets just hope she get’s her things together for 2011. :>

    Good review and I can vouch for most of that except that I liked Pretty fly for a white guy maybe a bit less than you did. xD
    Now let’s hope that we can convince her to visit the UK again and do a GIG there. :>

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