Love Songs ~The PVs~

When I ordered the new Ayumi Hamasaki album I realized that I didn’t watch any of the PVs on it. Not even the ones from the singles. They were either ~short ver.~ which is something I just find frustrating, or the song itself was so boring that I just couldn’t be bothered with it.

So, three days ago love songs arrived at my door step and now I am going to watch the PVs. And I will write down my first impression of them because when it comes to PVs it’s all about the first impression. I mean, they are there to make you buy the single/album. And you should like them immediately.

In the album’s order:


Yeah, no… I don’t know. I really liked the dark atmosphere and everything was really pretty but for the length of the song it just wasn’t enough. I mean, yeah, the Ayu covered and viscous black stuff is interesting and weird at the same time but somehow not enough. And God, that dress was just aweful. A pink dress with roses all over it? How old is she? No… And if I want to see stuff get broken I just watch the Is this LOVE PV. There they did it in a really skillful way. But I liked her shoulder and the “old footage” where she plays with her dog. At least there’s some kind of action.

blossom ~director’s cut~

Now that was fun to watch. Something to look for the girls, something for the boys… a dog. Then a turn of events in the middle. His being sad and angry scene was a bit long but the guitar solo was placed well in there. And then some recaps and a happy end that I didn’t really expect. The painted angel was a nice touch. I’m just confused how the doctor could have made a prediction that precise. And no, I didn’t miss Ayu that much. This PV really works. You just can’t expect some kind of masterpiece.


Someone has to tell those people that one nice effect isn’t good enough for a 4-5 minute long PV. I mean, she looks horrible. Her lips are just a disaster and that eye make up did nothing for her face… And eveything else is just boring. Yes, she looks at a match. Yes, she starts to burn. Yes, it looks nice but you can’t call that a PV. But you could call it a CM if you show more of those big close ups of her eyes and then put a “Visée” at the end…  At least the TV Ayu brings some nostalgia. She kind of reminded me of the Because of You PV and I really liked that hair style. She should wear it short more often. But yeah. Not really impressed…

Sweet Season

Ayu wants to be white and live in the… what are those? The sixties? Ok, that is kind of interesting. If not only the kids but also Ayu would have been in a bathing suit, it would have been a lot better. But yeah, nice sunny day and all that. Interesting how all those white kids and this one latino kid and this one asian kid can sing along. But the best is the ending. You sit there, wondering what’s going on and Ayu is about to just fall into the pool and bam! She wakes up. Apparently she got herself drunk and cried herself to sleep. That was one good ending, I tell ya.

Virgin Road

I liked it. Mannie (Manuel; yes, her husband-to-be) is badass and Ayu tries to be, which sometimes works and sometimes not… so… much. But when it doesn’t, at least it’s cute. And I mean this storyline of them two being bank robbers and stuff just beats all of her other storyline PVs including some sort of lover. All of  ’em!

Last angel

So this is the first part of the two-part storyline. Honestly? I didn’t get it. He had a girlfriend before her or does she, again, wish to be white? And I thought all the time that she’s dead and then she’s wearing a wedding dress? I’m just going to watch the next one to see where this story is supposed to go.

Love song

To get it out of the way: I love the short haired Ayu that sings the song. I just love her. And now on to the other part of the PV: I still don’t get it. So, he cheated on her and she leaves and he follows her and then she sees herself with him robbing a bank? No, still don’t have the slightest clue about that. I guess I will look for an explanation on the internet. It will help me. I’m sure of it.

do it again

It’s not like I’m drunk or anything but I did drink some Relentless which is the only reason I’m still awake at this ungodly hour but those camera swings in the PV – they hurt. And most of the PV was Ayu walking down a street with two giant dogs (here, down the street we also got one that’s like bigger than me) and some of those camera swings and angles make it look like it’s been shot in front of a green screen. And you know, I don’t really dig her outfit and this whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me. And I have no idea in what kind of world she’s living there. Is it after the zombie apocalypse? Hm… I guess at the end she sees “the light at the end of the tunnel”. Yeah…

So overall some nice PVs if you just like looking at them but most of them didn’t make much sense to me and I hope it’s because I don’t understand the lyrics. And I’m still not sure if the PVs are in the right order on the DVD. Last angel and Love song are apparently in the wrong order on purpose but it’s still confusing. My final words are: Ayu, cut your hair and never let someone with a needle near your lips. Please.


1 Response to “Love Songs ~The PVs~”

  1. 1 MellowB January 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Wonder how much longer you worked on this that night… heh.
    Anyway, from reading that from top to bottom it makes me think that you didn’t like any of those PV’s that much at all. xD
    And have her PV’s EVER made that much sense to begin with? ^^

    Oh and who is that dude on the picture below Last Angel? Mannie? He looks like Sayid from LOST (Naveen Andrews). o_O

    Nice new posting here tho, looking forward to the actual rundown on the album if you are going to post that and some looking back on 2010 that you’ll hopefully do. 🙂

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