Love is. MiChi’s new PV

I have to say that MiChis PVs almost never fail. Yes, All about the girls was a bit weird and cheap but it still wasn’t bad. And with Love is. MiChi continues her streak of good PVs.

First of all it is a stop motion video and I really like that idea. At first you could think that they “faked” that effect but when you realize there are some really fast changes happening especially with the guys in the background, I think it’s obvious that they put a lot of work in that PV. I wonder how much.

Too be honest I don’t have the slightest clue what really is happening in that PV except that MiChi walks and sleeps and sits and sings in her apartment that gets decorated but I guess it would make more sense if I could understand the lyrics. Or not. When I think about Japanese PVs they only have something in common with the lyrics of a song in very few cases.

But still, it looks very pretty and most of all very interesting and isn’t that just the real purpose behind every PV? It’s there to make you interested and in the end buy the single or as in this case the EP (even though I think it’s just an EP because Oricon says everything with 4 songs or more is a EP…).

I am very excited for the new songs and be sure to read more about it here as soon as it gets released because apparently MiChi is the only artist beside AKB48 that I will always blog about ^^’


2 Responses to “Love is. MiChi’s new PV”

  1. 1 MellowB December 2, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    Lovely PV and a fine new song again~
    I like the stop-motion idea too and I’m glad that it didn’t turn out to be a ballad like one might have expected judging from the title and early screenshots. ^^

    Sure, it could be fiercer but we’ll see what she delivers with the new EP! Hope she still releases a full new album next year, I’m not sure that I can live with only an EP. 😦 (ok ok, I’m sure that I can’t!)

    Anyway, looking forward to it (and your review of it) and it’s always nice to read something new from you again, keep it up!

  2. 2 PrivateLaughter December 4, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Thanks for your comments! I love to get those!

    And yes, I’m also happy it isn’t a balld. MiChi is a power girl (with a soft side XD)!

    And don’t worry! There has to be an album! No other way there is.[/yoda]

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