Yes, I’m Alive

I’m kind of back because the hardest part of school this year is over now.
The bad thing is that I don’t have the slightest idea what to write about. Nothing I’ve listened to really had that effect on me that I really wanted to write about it. You know, my love for AKB48 is growing with every day but that doesn’t change the fact that everything I could write about them has already been covered by about a dozen other bloggers.

But let’s take a look at last week and what I listened to, just so you see what my ears are dealing with.

I listened to my first album by Hitomitoi which is Synchronized Singing. Please, can someone tell me why the most boring and bland songs are always the ones with over 5 minutes? I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were good songs on this album. Two or three. But all in all this album is almost an hour of boring shit. And I had hoped for so much. If any one knows an album by Hitomitoi that isn’t as boring please leave a comment. I want to give her another chance. I really do.

And now please don’t laugh. I’ve been really busy so I know that this single has been released a while ago but damn, Kumi Koda‘s Gossip Candy is one weird mess. Lollipop is kind of good but all the other songs just left me confused and not liking this. I mean, are there really five tracks on there or how does this work with the same melody thing and stuff? Not impressed. Really not impressed…

Also I’ve listened to a single from Who the Bitch because, you know, it’s an interesting band name. To be honest I can’t say much about the Superstar single but after all I am going to check out more from this all girls band. They have a rather rough sound and a good feeling when it comes to melodies, I think.

Next is NICO Touches the Walls. This is one of the bands I just keep following because I have this feeling that I really should like them but something is always missing and I hope to hear it when the next single is released. Sudden Death Game is a good single and it made a better impression on me than everything else I have listened to by them but something’s still missing. Well, maybe next time.

The last release I will write some words about is YUI‘s Holidays in the Sun because it’s in some way the opposite of Hitomitoi. I expected many boring, same sounding songs and got a really fun album. I especially liked Again. I hope she keeps that up and maybe even the smile.

I hope I will post more from now on and if not you will hear something from me when the end of the year rankings are due. Or the next MiChi single is announced.


1 Response to “Yes, I’m Alive”

  1. 1 MellowB November 16, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Wonderful to read something new from you again, been some time!
    And well, I guess you could do such a looking back report on your listening habits each week, no? Could be interesting and maybe some of your readers will pick up a single or an album on your experiences with it.
    You are always quite frank with your opinions and that’s what I like about your posts! 🙂

    Anyway, about hitomitoi… well, she can be hard to get into I guess. Most of her albums are such a mess, a few good songs on it but then always those rather “boring” ambient pieces that might not be everyone’s cup of tea… I’m not sure if there is any album I could recommend on your experiences with the most recent one but… if any, TOICOLLE might be the best. It at least has the most songs on it and thus this is a greater chance for you to find some that you might enjoy! 😉

    But beware, there are still quite a bunch of those slower ambient songs! *g*

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