To Anyone

To Anyone Tracklist:

1. Can’t Nobody
2. Go Away
3. Clap Your Hands
4. I’m busy
5. It hurts (Slow)
6. Love Is Ayaya
7. You & I
8. Please Don’t Go
9. Kiss
10. Try to follow me
11. I Don’t Care (Reggae Mix Ver.)
12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. Ver.)

It’s been almost a month since 2NE1’s first full length album was released and I had time to listen to the songs. Well, to be honest I mainly listened to the promo tracks. And to be even more honest, I mainly listened to Can’t Nobody and Clap Your Hands.

Especially when it comes to those two songs I had problems at first. They didn’t really stick and I caught myself waiting for the chorus while listening to the song. But after a long, long time that I had to spend in a line in front of a football club fanshop (soccer for you other guys out there) I realized that yes, the verses can be pretty monotone and not exciting but that only happens if you don’t pay enough attention. And you didn’t watch the MVs. I won’t lie, those really made me like the songs more. So colorful ❤ But Can’t Nobody is the better one. I don’t think I will write about the videos because you just have to watch them. You really should. But back to the songs.  In the end I love both of them and there are so many different parts of Can’t Nobody that can get stuck in your head, it’s amazing. And Clap Your Hands really makes you clap your hands. In public. Behind your back. I think I looked stupid…

Go Away is like some kind of sequel to I don’t care maybe? The feeling you get while listening to the song feels similar and I really had to smile at some lyrics. The ones I understood, of course. But maybe because it was summer and I wanted to party I didn’t really get into the song. I just listened to it again and you could think of it as some kind of Bom-Song. I haven’t watched the MV yet but I really hear a lot of Bom. Clearly a good song but you have to be in the mood.

Of course you needed a slower song for promotion too, but if that wasn’t the case I bet that I’m Busy would have been another promo track. It is such a catchy song and even if it sounds weird because you don’t understand Korean, you still want to sing along to the intro and chorus.

The last songs It Hurts (Slow) and Love Is Ayaya sound like 2NE1 but something’s missing. Love Is Ayaya again made me think of I Don’t Care but those songs just didn’t interest me after listening to them. But then again most songs on 2NE1 were rather slow. Maybe I haven’t listened to them enough but for now they don’t impress me.

From this point on the albums ends for me. And those are six songs so I think full length isn’t so true. I mean, everything that’s coming after this are the solo songs (that are supposed to be solo works and not 2NE1), a remix and the English version of Can’t Nobody.

Some words about the solo songs. Bom’s You & I is very sweet and I like it but I can’t stop thinking that Bom alone doesn’t work. She needs some support in a song. She tries her best of course but to my ears it always sounds a bit week. Minzy and CL did Please Don’t Go together which was almost like a preview of the album. We got those purely rapped verses and then, when the chorus starts, a change in style. We can listen to this happening a lot on this album. It’s my favorite song from the solo songs; And Dara’s Kiss is my least favorite. Her voice has nothing recognizable and the chorus got on my nerves so easily. I can see why people like it but it’s not my cup of tea.

The commercial song Try To Follow Me shouldn’t have been at the almost end of the album. It would have been a perfect bridge between the first two songs. This song has such a great attitude but is in no means fast paced, so that I guess almost everyone can enjoy it. I Don’t Care (Reggae Mix Ver.) is in my opinion 2NE1s best song. I can listen to it for hours. I just wanted to say that it is perfection. Yeah, hearts and stuff ❤ It goes without saying that the English Version of Can’t Nobody can’t beat the orginial but it is a nice extra.

All in all I can say that I really like this album but would have been a bit more happy if there would have been more new songs. But taking a look at my notes at least tells me that the songs after the new six ones only did good to the overall feeling of the album. The album gets a B, the new songs a B-. I hoped for more but it could have been a lot worse. And if you think of the MVs the album is even better.

I hope the next break 2NE1 takes won’t take as long as this one.


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