This time I’m a bit late to the party but I still want to talk about the latest MiChi single, especially since it’s a collaboration with the telephones. I’ve listened to some songs by them even before I knew of their work with MiChi, so I know a bit about their style.

WoNDeR WomaN (here we go again) is my favorite song from the single. Every one who’s read my reviews of MiChi’s CDs knows that I’m always anticipating a bit more rock in her songs and even though WoNdeR WomaN is more electric than rock it still has this certain edge to it that I’m looking for in MiChi’s better songs. Something negative? The singer from the telephones wasn’t really needed. The music is influenced enough by this band and his voice alone didn’t really do any good. But on the other hand the chorus together was good. Maybe I just need to get used to it. (Even though I’ve listened to the telephones, it’s not been that much since I listen to a lot of music. A lot. Damn, I need to cut down on the artists I follow.)

With the b-side Strong MAN we are back to the pretty normal MiChi style. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, I like it, no question. And the song has certain parts in it that makes it different from the other songs of course but when you hear the beginning you’re just like “I’ve heard that before”. The nicest touches were the bit quieter part before the chorus and the whistling and acoustic guitar at the end.

Let’s see… the remix. MiChi’s remixes were always kind of a hit and miss thing and WoNDeR WomaN (T.O.M remix) is pretty clearly a miss. The song is too long, there’s almost always only one part of the song used and when there are vocals the remixer managed it to make MiChi sound boring and without emotions. Maybe something for a party CD when no ones really paying attention to the music and just wanna dance but nothing I would listen to on my own.

The PV to WoNDeR WomaN consists of two sets. Michi and the telephones in a lab, experimenting and drinking colored fluids that are this time not used for female hygiene product commercials and the other set is a dark place where they perform the song. The video is full of short reversed scenes and other weird effects and sometimes it’s cool because of how the hair looks or stuff but sometimes it’s just too freaking much. But after all you can see how freaking much fun they had. And the guys from the telephones look like pretty interesting people.

I think it’s funny how there are certain themes for some of MiChi’s PVs. The first ones for PROMiSE and ChaNge the WoRLd are simple studio PVs while KiSS KiSS xxx and YOU have some kind of story to them. All about the Girls and WoNDeR WomaN are just freaky and a bit trashy. So I guess with the next single comes a new PV style.


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