AX 2010 – Day 4

A bit late but here comes the last post about the AX 2010.

Now the top songs with Day 4:

25 – Kuroi Tenshi Man, Fujie Reina got a great voice. I didn’t know that. And the song is really good. At least it grew on me and now gets stuck in my head pretty easily.

24 – Kodoku na Runner This song is very energetic and I guess that’s why people like it. But I do have tosay that I still don’t like those dresses. All those feathers. It just looks ridiculous.

23 – Tenshi no Shippo From the black angels in Kuroi Tenshi to the white ones. But I think this song is too cute and it doesn’t really grads my attention. Well, I’m just not a loli lover.

22 – Kataomoi no Taikakusen This is again one of the first performances I’ve ever saw but I only remember because of the dresses. The song itself wasn’t memorable enough…

21 – Aitakatta I guess this is the song most people think about when the think of AKB. And even though the chorus gets annoying with time the rest of the song still is a pretty good pop song that you can enjoy. I like it.

20 – End Roll The girls are great and the performance wasn’t bad either. The song has something special but it yet has to become one of my favorites.

18 – Relax! The opening for Mendol and so one of the songs I heard a lot. But you don’t have to hear it that many times to like it. The chorus is just great and makes you like it right away. And it is good to sing along to.

18 – Only Today I think I said it often enough that I really adore those dresses but sadly that doesn’t make me like the song more. It’s, well, mediocre.

17 – Zannen Shoujo Those 3- member in sexy dresses units are very popular it seems. And even though I didn’t really know this song I think I will hear it more often. I kinda like it.

16 – Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate Yes, 3-member unit again. And this seems to be the perviest of them all considerin the age of the girls. Just look up the lyrics. But the song itself, without the meaning of the lyrics, only got a good chorus and the rest ist kind of blah.

15 – Korogaru Ishi ni Nare This is the song my vote went to and I’m so happy that it made Top 15. Team K just needs it song on the last day or it wouldn’t feel right!

14 – Tsundere! A lot of people like this song really much and after watching the performance I think I know why. It is a good listen and a lot of fun. The outfits do the rest.

13 – Baby! Baby! Baby! This ist he perfect summer single! And the only thing sad about the performance is, that they’re not in their bikinis. And yes, I think Baby!³ is better than Ponytail to Shushu. I still have to listen to it more.

12 – Temodemo no Namida This is actually a pretty cool song even though I don’t like Takajo Aki very much. She’s one of the girls I don’t like for no apparent reason. Well, can’t do much about hat.

11 – Nakinagara Hohoen de It’s a very lovely song even though I can’t listen to it very. Sometimes it’s just too boring for me. And Yuko really has a nice voice but sometimes it sounds a bit off. Could be because of how flat the song is sung.

10 – BIRD Now this is what I call one of my favorite 3- member units! Great song, great choreography and great girls! How can someone not like it?

9 – 3 Seconds Yay for Persona! If I had any say in this then a lot of songs from No3b would sound similar. But please, make the wigs disappear. I can’t stand them.

8 – Shonichi Last years winner. I learned to love this song and I love to whistle to it. I totally understand how the Team B fans decided to vote for this song last year.

7 – Heart Gata Virus I heard from a lot people that they like this song but I don’t get why. But if I look back there are many songs where this is the case. I just seem to have a different taste, eh?

5 – RIVER And we start the run of the singles with the best one in my opinion. I mean really, that song was something different. Maybe not when it comes to the lyrics but the song itself was pretty special I think.

4 – Oogoe Diamond Quite a good single but in no way better than RIVER. And I know that I act butthurt…

3 – 10nen Zakura To be honest, I never really cared about this song despite it being a single. But me not caring doesn’t make it a bad song. It is in fact quite good.

2 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara Change of clotehs, change of girls! This cute Under Girls song  made second place. Last year Team B was supported, now the Under Girls. Seems like somwhere out there is the Underdog-Lover-Alliance.

1 – Iiwake Maybe So, this was the best song of 2009 and I’m okay with that. It was a great single, the only problem were the high notes. But you get used to it.

This was the Top 25 of the AX 2010. It was a pretty good concert but you have to like the singles to enjoy the whole concert. It was fun to watch but the top songs show you quite clear that more and more normal people are interested in AKB and actually vote. Next year will be interesting.


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