AX 2010 – Day 3

Oh my God, it’s been so long! I’m really sorry!
But I realized that soon this blog will be one year old and I want to be trough with the AX2010 till then. So I’m working really hard on it now!

Day 3:

50 – Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umameru This is a Chocolove song and though my Oshimen is Sayaka I’ve never really bothered checking them out. What I’ve stumbled upon wasn’t too exciting and it’s the same for this song. Not really my cup of tea.

48  – Yuuhi wo Miteiruka It was a single but it shouldn’t have been one. It’s not really exciting or anything even though the chorus is nice.

48 – Sasae This song also is kind of slow and boring to me but I like it anyway because of its meaning and that’s even more intense now since the Team shuffle and everything…

47 – MARIA Really, really great song. Nothing more to say. I don’t think this song could be any better but please show me a shuffle where there’s only someone else in Kasai’s position and I might change my mind.

46 – Junjou Shugi Hot girls but the song itself good be a bit more fierce. But I like it. Team B should do a lot more in that direction. There is a lot of power in those little lolitas.

45 – Kinjirareta Futari For someone who only likes certain ballads by a quite limited number of artists this is really one I can listen to from time to time without getting bored. The chorus is simply beautiful and the “dance” just suits it so perfectly!

44 – AKB Sanjou! Man, this song is great! All this power! I wish I had known it sooner! I really need to watch all the stages or little jewels like this one won’t be discovered be my~

43 – Faint Graduated members time! I can’t stop feeling sad that I didn’t get to know AKB48 before Hana graduated… Well, about the song. It’s damn catchy especially the last engrish chorus. Gets stucked in my head quite easily. Oh look, there it is again!

42 – Dear my teacher A classic that doesn’t really get old. But I can’t help but think that the uniforms look kind of retro. Must be that shade of pink…

41 – Saka Agari I know I say this a lot but this song isn’t that great. It’s nice, it’s not like you want to rip your ears off or something but it just doesn’t do anything more for me than beeing okay.

40 – Renai Kinshi Jouei It starts kinds sexy and the outfits make you think somethign similar but it doesn’t take long and it becomes more and more poppy. What a waste.

39 – BINGO! The first AKB48-Single I’ve ever bought. Even the LE! And I got so used to the colorful dresses in the PV that the only thing disappointing in this performance are the white outfits. But good song.

38 – Itoshiki Natasha I think a theater performance of this song was the first video I ever watched of AKB. And it was great. The song is very good, the voices are good and what I realized later: the song got one of the best line contributions ever. This can be an issue in AKB Unit songs.

37 – Sougen no Kiseki The song is nothing special but Sayaka got solo lines in the beginning and the green Team K shirts are kinda cute. A welcomed change from all those frilly outfits.

36 – Tonari no Banana This song is way to cute for my taste…

35 – Junai no Crescendo I think my love for AKB48 started with this song. I’ve listened to some stages to hear for myself what AKB was about and one day I kept listening to Junai no Crescendo. Love it still ❤

34 – Saishuu Bell ga Naru This is a song like made just for me but something’s missing. I just can’t put my finger on it. But a very good song nonetheless.

33 – Pajama Drive I start seeing why people like this song so much but I’m not there yet. Give some more listens, it will come eventually.

31 – Sakura no Hanabiratachi Nice seeing this classic still quite good positioned in the ranking. I hope it doesn’t drop any lower next year.

31 – Ame no Pianist This is a Team S song and … T_T I miss Moe. Why didn’t they bring her back for AX?! Good song, good song. But not quite the same without her. It’s hard losing an Oshimen…

30 – Nattou Angel So this is the special song to advertise, well, Nattou. It’s kind of funny and I don’t think you really hear that it’s not a realy AKB song.

29 – Hikougi Gumo performed by the Theater Girls! I think it’s nice that they get to perform their B-Side. Even though it might just be a lot more logical because of who performed before and after them. The song itself is… nice.

28 – Tane Hadn’t heard this No3b song yet and now I’m not really impressed. I think they’ve improved over time.

27 – Te wo Tsunaginagara And another appearance from Team S. I have to say that this song might work at the beginning of a stage to get everyone in a good moog but at the end of a concert it’s just too mediocre to have a real impact on me.

26 – First Love It’s quite boring but got this cute chorus. All and all i can understand how this song positioned so high. If you want to support your Oshimen what better way is there than to vote for her solo?

This was Day 3 of the AX2010 and I think it was quite a good one. My numbers tell me Day 2 was better but I think that depends on my mood at the moment. The final day will come tomorrow or the day after that.


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