AX 2010 – Day 2

If I keep posting like this, I’ll finish my four posts about AX 2010 in July. Let’s hope I’ll be a bit more productive.

I like my blog when it got lots of blue numbers in the calendar to the right…

Well, here we go, Day 2:

75 – Kimi ni Au Tabi Koi wo Suru We start out with a nice but not too special song. Well, that’s what I think but at least there are 24 other songs to come.

74 – Kimi wa Pegasus Such a great and a bit different song and it’s placed #74? What’s wrong with the people? The only thing I can do is hope that it won’t drop even more in next year’s AX. And vote for it.

73 – Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~ A nice song that I always tend to forget. It’s on the mellow side but the chorus is very lovely so it doesn’t get too boring. I think it depends on your mood if you like this song.

72 – Kioku no Dilemma I don’t listen to the Himawari-Gumi stages often enough. I mean I listened to all stage songs at least once but I couldn’t remember this song when it came on. But I like it none the less.

71 – Nagai Hikari I love it when Takamina starts this song and there are goose bumps all over the place and then it kind of sadly changes. That’s why I chose this picture instead of one with more girls. Even though the dresses are fun but Takamina looks almost heartbreaking here. Well, the rest of the song is pretty idolish.

70 – Shiroi Tulip Watarirouka Hashiritai’s first appearence and I think I’ve never seen playback being so bad. It almost hurt but just almost because… I’m an idol lover. Well, the song is sweet~

69 – Tanpopo no Kesshin It’s a cute song even though though it’s nothing special. The outfits are special but special in a way that you don’t mind seeing only the head of … I think that’s Maeda Ami. I’m not sure XD

67 – Tobenai Agehachou Yay for fierce Under Girls song! I really like the song and that those outfits are great as well as the dance makes it just better. Always nice to watch it. The Under Girls should again get a chance to shine like in this song.

67 – Wasshoi B! This song is very cute and energetic. I like it that it is some kind of Team B hymn. Even I (as Team K fan) shout B! B! B! Wasshoi! when listening to this song XD

66 – Minasan mo go Issho ni And another Team B song. They didn’t even change their outfits. No problem, because this song is as energetic as the one before if not even more so. With song after song I see more and more of Team B’s power. Wow!

65 – Hatsukoi Dash It’s WH again! And I can almost say the exact same thing as in their first appearence. Cute song, bad lip-syncing.

64 – Yaruki Hanabi Read above.

63 – Chuu Shiyouze! It’s the AKBIdoling!!! song and it is quite addictive! Would have been funny if they had Idoling!!! as their guests but this way we can see more AKB girls. That’s okay, too.

62 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou This song is pure fantasies come true! I can’t believe it didn’t even made the Top 50. What a shame. At least it marks another highlight that day. But there are more to come (for me).

61 – Christmas Present I watched MenDol and really enjoyed it but this Persona/No3B song is just boring to me. I don’t know why. I mean it’s not bad but it’s not my type of song.

60 – Bye Bye Bye A song that I like for how nicely the title is the chorus. Well, you get the impression that it almost only consists of those three words. But that’s something good as long as you don’t listen to it like for an hour. I guess after that it could get on your nerves.

59 – Dakishimeraretara Pretty sexy song. It has this smooth, slow sound that just more than qualifies it for bedroom music. I like it.

58 – Wimbledon e Tsureteitte First SKE song on that day? And somehow I’ve got the feeling that Jurina wasn’t originally part of this unit. Well, who else is there to sub for a missing girl? Yeah, all the other girls. But whatever. The song is sweet but I kind of disliked it for its in-you-face-kind of cuteness.

56 – Wagamama na Nagareboshi The start of the song and the chorus sound really cool and overall it’s somehow a disco feeling. I think it could have also worked as stage song for a whole team but it’s nice to have a song like this performed by only two girls.

56 – Takeuchi Senpai I liked this song mainly for the reason that Sayaka gets a lot of screen time. The two-layered part of the song is a nice idea but all in all it’s quite a simple song.

54 – Mushi no Ballad I love it so much that Sayaka has her own solo! But to be honest, the song had to grow on me first. But now I really like it. And about this performance: I liked how she used like almost the whole stage.

54 – Nagisa no Cherry The super unfair but super fun unit that could get annoying. Cherry, cherry girl~

53 – Yuuwake no Garter I love SDN48. Everytime I see or hear something by them that’s new to me it’s always great. This performance is one of these things. They all got great voices, the song has something special and the performance is just what you’d expect from those girls but with style.

52 – Blue Rose And more Sayaka. The end of Day 2 is seriously just great. Just like this song. Meetan, come back T_T

51 – Tsuyoki Mono yo SKE48 definitley had the better debut single in my eyes. The chorus gets stucked in your head and even when it’s just a performance and there aren’t the pretty close-ups from the PV the dance still rocks! I want to learn it!

Day 2 was sure a step up from Day 1 but that’s just what you’d expect, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “AX 2010 – Day 2”

  1. 1 Cat June 4, 2010 at 1:03 am

    OMG Yuuwaku no Garter!!! I fell in love SO hard ❤ ❤ That song is amazing! SDN needs to get another stage so that the First Stage DVD becomes available. I NEED THAT SONG IN MY IPOD D:

    Also, I've never stopped finding hilarious how the japanese just seem to adore all the songs that western fans diss and vice versa XD I mean, seriously? Kimi ni Au Tabi no Koi o Suru is a song that has gotten TONS of hate same as Sobakasu no Kiss and Tanpopo no Kesshin, yet they are ranked while western fan favorites like LAY DOWN, Seifuku and Keibetsu aren't anywhere near the set list XD

  2. 2 PrivateLaughter June 18, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Well, I just made an mp3 out of the video and listen to it^^ And yes, there totally needs to be a new stage and a DVD. But now with the 2nd gen it shouldn’t be too far away anymore.

    And you are right. There are so many mediocre songs that seemed to be loved for now apparent reason!

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