AX 2010 – Day 1

AX 2010, that’s what we call it. The full title is “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2010” and it was held at the AX. I guess next year it’s going to be some other venue because the AX will be no more. But we fans will find another short name for this big event.

The AX 2010 is a four day concert in which the Top 100 songs are performed. The fans vote for the Top 100 with the codes that they could get with the RIVER single or if you were a fanclub member and so on. Of course I voted too ^__^

Since I’ve developed into an Idol Show watcher more than an actual listener, many songs will still be kind of new to me so I’m excited to watch those concerts and state my opinion.

Let’s start with Day 1:

100 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi Look at that, Atsuko can be in the first unit of the evening. Isn’t that nice? Well, I don’t really care. So about the song: Well, it’s sweet and stuff but nothing too special, I guess. Not the strongest opener but it’s “only” #100 from what do I know how many.

99 – Namida no Shounan A performance that I always thought looked cool. Those outfits are really my cup of tea somehow. Something special about this song is that some ex-AKB members had a guest appearence. Maimai and Ayumi Orii I think. I hope that’s right. And I really liked Ayumi’s voice. Why are the good ones always gone already? The funny thing about Maimai is that I only now have realized how little she is. And how liked. You couldn’t even hear her singing really because of the loud shouts for her. And the song is defenitely better than the one before.

98 – Koike This is the song I always skip when it comes on because I can’t stand Mariko’s speaking voice. But I listened to the song anyway and I have to say that the chorus is quite infectious. If it just wouldn’t be “Mariko’s song”.

97 – Kaizuugyo no Capacity I love those outfits. They just rock so much. And the song is also good. A great Team K song even though the vocals could be a little bit more powerful. It tends to sound too quiet somehow…

96 – Tadaima Renaichuu This is the title song of Team A’s 4th Stage and by watching this performance I really want to do my stage reviews again. The song is just so much fun, exactly how idol music should sound like. And it’s the same with the dresses. They are just gorgeous ❤

94 – Boku no Taiyou And more great dresses! If I just could be that girly… And yes, I know that the 95 is missing. But that’s because there was a draw, so there are two 94. And the song was a single, so I know it. And have it stuck in my head sometimes. I still like it :3

94 – Higurashi no Koi Two of the best singers in AKB (imho) and one just beautiful song and it is #94?! What is wrong with this world? The song itself is already good but the perfomance gives it so much more feeling. (And they look beautiful, like always.) I really, really like it ❤

93 – Manatsu no Christmas Rose I guess the song was okay because it was January when the concert was held but it was weird watching the performance near Easter. And the song is sweet but it doesn’t make me watch it again.

92 – Glory Days Look, it’s SKE48! And it’s THE dance unit! They are jumping all over the place and are using the stage to the fullest. Was fun to watch. I had a cap from the performance where you can see how much they move but it wouldn’t be as pretty as the picture above. Glory Days is a fun song that suits the dancing and has this kind of tropical feeling to it. But party tropical. Not chilling tropical, I guess…

91 – JK Nemurihime Well, it’s a nice song but nothing more really. Imho…

90 – Nounai Paradise This song again is a great idol song because you can so easily sing along in the chorus. I mean, who doesn’t know all the weekdays? And it doesn’t even sound so bad. Good song!

89 – Girls’ T It was the first time I heard this No3B song and it was nice but I guess I just have to get more into the sub units to appreciate songs like this.

88 – Glass no I Love You This song is too girly for me. Way too girly for me. And look at all the pink…

87 – Sobakasu no Kiss I think that’s the first time since the beginning of the concert, that Team B appeared. And we’re already 45 minutes in! Well, it was a voted song order so it doesn’t mean they got shafted or anything. They are just too good for those lower places! xD Well, to be honest, the song is nice but not too much my taste.

86 – Chime wa Love Song And the next appearence of SKE48, but to be more specific it’s Team S and one of their songs from S2. I think it’s a typical stage song but that’s not too bad.

85 – Idol no Yoake I really, really like the idea of the marching band. Even though I’m not sure if all the girls could play their instruments. Something like a trumpet is pretty hard to play, I guess…

83 – Gomen ne Jewel It is a good song but I have to say that the best about it is Yuka’s voice. Even though Ayaka is also great. (Good choice as substitute for Yuko.)  Those two make this unit listenable~

83 – Confession I really like those rock units and I also like this song but somehow I feel that something is missing. Maybe it’s just because of who shuffled this unit really is. Don’t know…

80 – Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai This is one of those songs that I had no idea of when reading the title but through watching it I realized that I I think this song is really great. With so many songs it takes time to know them all xD

80 – Himawari The fact that this song starts with this happy and uplifting chorus is reason enough to make it place higher. That Sayaka is in this unit should at least put to song in the concert for the next day. I really like it as feel-good song.

80 – Kurukurupaa This song always confuses me because I can’t take it seriously and I just can’t seem to have fun just because of silly outfits. The music is nothing special but at least I saw Oku smile a little bit.

79 – Squall no Aida ni Except for the lovely outfits there’s nothing special I think. Music wasn’t too interesting…

78 – Skirt, Hirari This classic is still one of my favorite songs and I can’t help but to dig this line-up, even though it’s just all the popular girls together xD That means Acchan is still there and butchers the whole song with her solo line but I’ve come to peace with that…

77 – 16nin Shimai no Uta I simply love this song. It’s so much fun and with all those little gags they made in this performance you can’t help but fall in love with the Team K girls… And now they’re gone T_T (But you know that I’m happy with the new Team K~) Still extremely funny!

76 – RUN RUN RUN The last song for the evening and I would say a good song. A bit generic but I guess you could really love this song over time. Has this look happily towards the future vibe~

The first day was nice and there were a few very enjoyable performances but I guess the next days will get a bit better.


4 Responses to “AX 2010 – Day 1”

  1. 1 Cat April 18, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Agreed SO SO much about Tadaima renaichuu. That will always be my favorite Team A Stage, A4 is simply EPIC WIN.

  2. 3 Eimi April 30, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Song #100 was also performed by graduates. Its the full original cast of A4 and Acchan is currently the only remaining member.

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