It’s H!P but still~

Maybe you got the wrong impression by reading this blog but in fact I’m still following Hello! Project in all its glory. Which means that I at least listen to (almost) all the releases, just maybe not on the release date.

After all I still know enough to make up my mind and take part in this year’s Hello!Blog Poll.

Some explanation:
Maasa is of course my #1. She’s got that special something for me and every time I see her (on my compute screen T_T) I find something new to adore about her.
Then there are some people from Morning Musume and I just can say about that that I’ve been watching some making videos and DVD Magazines, and those are the girls that stood out most to me because of how funny they were. Really like the bunch :3
Next Airi and Maimi because… they are cute? I don’t know, they get some points for being really beautiful (except for Airi’s teeth but who wants to complain about something like that when it comes to idols?) and some points for being … nice. I just got a generally good opinion about both.
Ai comes next, just because of her voice. That’s it.
Most of Berryz Koubou comes next because I like them as a group. Miyabi and Momoko are a bit further away from the top positions because (through Buono) I got to know some of there not so likeable character traits…
Then the girls I’m not really interested in. S\mileage just has to grow up a bit. Yurina between them because she got some points for that Base Ball Bear CM XD
The last on the list are there because I just can’t stand them really. Except for Risako. I can’t stand her and her voice.

Now the other chart. Not much to explain there:


2 Responses to “It’s H!P but still~”

  1. 1 Arche-JoIyO April 16, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    It seems like everyone has the Maasa fever! XD

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