Momen no Handkerchief

You know, when I listen to Japanese cover albums I normally don’t know those songs. They are from the 80s or even older so I just listen to them for the music and not for comparison or anything.

But while I was tagging the Cover Album 2 from misono there was one song title that I was familiar with. It was Momen no Handkerchief, originally sung by Hiromi Ota.

Just like I said. It’s an old song. From 1975 to be exact.

So, why did I already know this song? Because Shiina Ringo already covered it. The original is around 3 minutes long. I don’t know how Ringo made it twice as long o.o But misono isn’t much better with 5 minutes…

In general I really like this song and Shiina Ringo’s version is of course my favorite because I’m already used to it but I wanted to know what you all think about it.

If you want to hear Shiina Ringo’s version of the song klick here.

Here you can listen to misono’s version of the song.

And now vote!
(Feel free to write a comment stating why you chose which version. Or maybe you know another singer who covered it?)

What I learned from that is that I will listen to more original versions of songs. Or at least to more stuff from Hiromi.


2 Responses to “Momen no Handkerchief”

  1. 1 Jin February 25, 2010 at 5:35 am

    While I do enjoy misono’s gloomier version, I kinda prefer Ringo’s steadier, mature and rockier style. ;3
    Not only that, but I prefer Ringo vocals to misono, as crazy as it may sound to some. xD

    • 2 PrivateLaughter March 4, 2010 at 11:42 pm

      Well, it doesn’t sound crazy to me. I can’t really stand misono’s voice at all but I always give her another chance xD
      But about the song: I kind of starting to like the original version the most. But maybe I’m just like this because she was so damn kawaii back then~

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