Trying to feel the D-Motion

My best friend made me watch the newest KAT-TUN PVs THE D-MOTION and Love yourself -Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki- because she really liked the songs and also the videos. The songs are okay but the PVs are just hilarious. Screencaps cannot show you how funny they are but I tried anyway because I’m too lazy to make gifs.

I really hope they didn’t take themselves seriously because if they did then that’s just sad…

Okay, THE D-MOTION starts out pretty normal...

Now we've got cool walking. Where's the action?

Are they trying to flirt with the camera or with each other?

Funny teeth. (And cool sunglasses...)

Look at me: I'm a mighty pirate!

I still belive that the D-motion is the dance where you have to move as little as possible. And rotate sometimes.

Random new scene for the last 30 seconds of the PV! What a surprise!

No, but really. You  have to watch it yourself. I know that it now seems pretty unfunny because I’m not funny when I’m trying to be funny but whatever. Just watch it and have a good time. And see what I’m writing about the other PV:

To be fair, I really liked the beginning of "Love Yourself".

You know, those different angles :3 Quite artistic.

But then this jacket appeared. (And the guy in it. He looks horrible... but not horrible enough to make you forget about the jacket XD)

What an "In Your FACE" way to show that they all got different colors...

I've got the feeling you have to expect bad clothing when you're watching a Johnny's PV.

Are those glasses some kind of seventh member of the group?

So, that's what the girls fall for?

So, that's what the girls fall for?

So, there was a lot of potential in Feel Yourself but some crazy cutter went nuts and destroyed it. And that guy here. Jin? Didn’t like it when he took the glasses off. I always tried to see the camera guy in those :/

But as song I prefer “Love Yourself” over THE D-MOTION. Autotune was used in both which was quite irritating but it was used in a better way in “Love Yourself”. No surprise it’s the A-side.

And can someone help me out? Is KAT-TUN the not-dancing-group of JE? I’m a bit clueless here…


2 Responses to “Trying to feel the D-Motion”

  1. 1 anotherrandomcreature March 27, 2010 at 11:10 am


    for the record, i think these are the only KAT-TUN songs w autotune(WHICH they used too heavily!)

    and lol at jin in the last pic!!

    just wait for the live.
    im sure they have (evenalittlebit) dancing in that lol.

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