The Schoolgirl vs. The BBQ Girls

I need to get back into blogging so I decided (since this developes into some kind of AKB48 blog) that I just tell you a bit about what I thought about the first episode of AKB’s own dorama Majisuka Gakuen.

I thought it sucked. Acchan’s character was boring, Nachu’s character was annoying and I can’t stand this omg-we-are-so-bad-ass-yankee-girls-voices. When someone would talk to me like that I’d totally start laughing.

Well, I started to think that I would just wait for Sayaka to appear and then stop watching but Yuko’s character made the story somewhat more interesting. And the second episode was also a reason but I will talk about that in another post. In the end it was just a first episode that didn’t turn out as well as it could…

But now a pic spam because I don’t do them often enough!


Yuko looking hot ❤

The good guys. lol.

"Why didn't you buy my PB?" Sorry~

Did you see Avatar?!?!

I feel so Japanese right now.

BBQ Girls. You know, they get their asses kicked.


No, that weird SDN48 girl didn’t appear in this episode. What are you talking about?


1 Response to “The Schoolgirl vs. The BBQ Girls”

  1. 1 Jin February 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Lol I was wondering whether to give this drama a try or not, but I guess I’ll skip it~.
    Now why can’t Momosu do something like this? -_- Oh right, budget issues. ;D
    I lol’d at the “Did you see Avatar” caption. xD

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