Next is 10 000!

I know I’ve become kind of silent in the last few days but like in most cases it’s just school that is kicking my butt lately. But only one more week and all those tests are over. Well, for now.

But other than just complaining about school I wanted to say Thank You to all my readers!

5000! That’s such a big number for me!

I can’t believe that this blog is almost 7 months old and I still kind of keep it running. I think I’ve never had a hobby before where I really had to do something that lived for such a long time. Let’s hope I can continue like this!

So, look forward to new posts. There’s a new AKB48 single coming (and their dorama is running too) and my beloved Mao Abe releases her second album in the near future. I think I can make a post about something like that~

Thank you ❤


1 Response to “Next is 10 000!”

  1. 1 Jin January 18, 2010 at 1:11 am

    w00t congrats for milestones!!! xD KEEP IT UP *_*

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