The Best of 2009 (Part 0)

Man, that title is creativ as hell.
Somehow I listened to a lot of music in 2009 but that effected how often I listened to one album. Even the albums I liked didn’t get the chance to be heard more than once or twice and I regret this. Even though I’m always looking for good new music I have to take a few steps back in 2010. Still, I managed to make a little Top 15 list of my favorite albums by asian artists or from asian labels (you know, there’s always this one exception…) but you have to wait some more hours or days for it.

Here, in part 0, I will write about some western releases that I liked or wanted to like or just took notice of. There aren’t many because… the west of the world seemed surprisingly uninteresting this year.


Lady Gaga’s The Fame and The Fame Monster

(I just add The Fame because it comes with The Fame Monster and stuff, you know? xD) Does it surprise you to see her albums on this list? I think I could have avoided listening to her music if I wanted to but I’m just so damn open-minded when it comes to music. Especially when some friends are listening to it. So I gave her a listen and I really liked the first half of The Fame. You know, the one where like all the later released singles were from? I could be wrong but I think that sums it up. Well, I like her dance songs and so on but I would love to see a lot more genres coming from her. In some tracks I just thought she should do jazz or something. Would be interesting to see how it turns out. And of course I’ve also listened to The Fame Monster but I just keep listening to Bad Romance because of those great rolling R’s at the beginning. Feels like home ❤

Best Songs: Bad Romance, Just Dance and LoveGame

Paramore’s Brand New Eyes

I feel so guilty when I look at the cover. I was so looking forward to this release and in the end I listened to it and missed almost half of the songs because I was doing something else and didn’t even care to listen to them again. But at least I know it wasn’t a bad album. A friend told me it was more like their debut album All We Know Is Falling (which was like a little fear of mine, don’t like it that much) but for me it continued the style of Riot!. I just need to listen to it again and hope that this time some song catches my attention. I need songs that stand out because an album that feels like one asslong song isn’t an album in my world.

Best Songs: There sure are some on here. I guess.

BoysLikeGirls’ Love Drunk

Boys Like Girls’ debut album was released back in 2006 and even though I listened to it the first time in January 2007 (thanks it still was a long time till they released their sophomore effort, and the one thing I can tell you is that they’ve changed. After such a long time with one album where you fall in love with every single one of them even though they often sounded very similar it was a bit surprising to see them having changed so much. Although I should have expected it. I mean, who stays the same after three years? They are more elctronic and more rockish and not as romantic as before but that’s okay. I will get used to it because it isn’t bad. Just different.

Best Songs: Love Drunk, The Real Thing and Heart Heart Heartbreak

Pinboys’ Simple Art

That was something I really waited for. Because my sister wanted to give it to me as a present on my birthday but she was broke at that moment, so I had to wait. But the wait was worth it. The album is good and they still make good use of their two vocalists. Male and female, it is such a great combination. And listening to the album made me realize how bad I wanted to go to one of their concerts again. I discovered them as  Fall Out Boy’s support and they are live so much better than on CD. I’m curious how the ballad on the album would turn out live.

Best Songs: The Story of Their Lives, Murder, The Truth and You, My Everything

Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You

This was a surprising one. She was really popular here when Smile was released. So popular that her music was kind of annoying and so I never listened to her debut album. But this year, after a friend said that her new album was really good, I put my prejudices aside and listened to It’s Not Me, It’s You and i have to say it’s so fantastic that I’m really sad that Lily only wants to act from now on. The music on this album is good but what I liked even more were the lyrics. That’s new to me since I normaly listen to music I don’t understand >_< Maybe she will be back for a third album. I will be there (but now I think I will take a look at her first album).

Best Songs: Chinese, Who’d Have Known and Not Fair

The Lonely Island’s Incredibad

I have to admit that I mainly listen to the tracks that were featured on SNL but damn, they are funny. If I find the time I’ll listen through this album while I’ve got the lyrics in front of me because to understand some of those only by hearing is not as easy as I wish it to be. And I think I need some intrumental versions. The beats are great~ I love that part in Who Said We’re Wack before the “Raise your hands up!”. Can’t wait for the next songs.

Best Songs: Jizz In My Pants, Who Said We’re Wack and Like A Boss

Rammstein’s Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

I was a bit afraid of this album because their 2005 album (it has been a long time o.o) Rosenrot is to me the best Rammstein album to date. It’s just so romantic, I love it. So I listened to Liebe Ist Für Alle Da without any hopes or anything and I was pleasently surprised. It’s not as good as Rosenrot but it’s still a very good album. There could have been more ballads but the idea to use the same melody twice gave it a touch of musical. I love it when they tell stories. I know that sounds weird from someone who said that Ayu’s Sunset/Sunrise single was recycling but Rammstein simply does it better. And the best part is: Now I’m 18, I can go to their concerts!

Best Songs: Haifisch, Führe Mich and Frühling In Paris

So, that’s it.
Now let me tell you what I’m looking forward to in 2010. The new Head Automatica album, the new hellogoodbye EP and the third album by Panic! at the Disco. I didn’t like Pretty.Odd but you never know what happens after some member changes.


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