Charts Fight!!! [Billboard]

I know, it took a while but here is the second part of my little Charts Fight!!! project. This will be the week beginning on the 7th November because I want it to be roughly in the same time as my Oricon week.

The rules are the same. Only the A-Side counts and I will use YouTube to find the needed music. I think this is gonna be fun~

#10 Sweet Dreams by Beyoncé – I already listened to the album so I kind of know this song. I think it’s one of the better ones on the album even though that’s not too hard as long as it’s not a ballad. But the song is really good. It gets stuck in your head easily, at least the chorus. But the video is kind of weird… even though I know that there are some yummy scenes for a friend of mine. 8/10

#9 I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas – Again a song that I already know – releasing singles after the album just doesn’t make sense for me… – and I have to say that I think it’s boring. The chorus seems to be everywhere and anything else just seems thrown in. It could be nice as background music because it never really draws your attention away but I don’t think it should have been released as single… 5,5/10

#8 3 by Britney Spears – So, Britney still releases stuff. Didn’t really know that. The song is really repetitive. Maybe not all of it but the chorus gets so annoying after just some seconds, I was very glad when the song ended. Maybe it’s because of her voice. I don’t like how she sings in that song. Too high, can’t stand it. Not the best from her… 4/10

#7 Meet Me Halfway by The Black Eyed Peas – And BEP again. The Americans clearly have their favorites. The song is beautiful. I like everything Fergie sings and the melody but the parts the guys do don’t impress me that much. Some nice touches but it also had worked without it. I think I like it better than I Gotta Feeling. 7,5/10

#6 Paparazzi by Lady Gaga – I have to say that I really liked the first half of The Fame and that Paparazzi is a really good song. Not my favorite but one of the better ones for sure. I really recommend it although I think most people already know it. I like how it’s different from the singles before it because it’s not so dance-based. I surley will have an earworm for the next time~ 9/10

#5 Run This Town by Jay-Z – I have to say that I really like the beat but I have the feeling that Jay-Z’s rap doesn’t fit that good and Rihanna just sounds like she’s suffering all the time. That’s not bad but she suffers too much. That doesn’t sound good anymore. And Kanye West has a too small part as that he is important for the song in anyway. I may look for the instrumental but I can’t say that I understand why people like this song (except maybe because of the lyrics). 5/10

#4 Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus – I have to admit that I never listened to Miley Cyrus because I was afraid to like her and then everyone would make fun of me but this song was after all pretty nice. It had this radio feeling to it. You can listen to it from time to time but it’s not like the wheel was reinvented. So yeah, pretty nice but I recommend watching the video. Eye-candy :3 7,5/10

#3 Down by Jay Sean – Do you need to know who Jay Sean is? That’s how little I follow the American charts. But nonetheless I really like this song. It has a simple beat, catchy lyrics and Lil’ Wayne is also okay in this song. Jay’s voice is not too special but I can live with that as long as the song is good. 8/10

#2 Watcha Say by Jason Derülo – Can’t seem to find the video so there’s only the song for you as link. It’s a nice R’n’B ballad and even though I often have the feeling that they all sound kind of similar this one is different because of the vocoder used. The female singer for the chorus was also a nice touch. Those kind of sings don’t need to be exciting so I’m okay with it just flowing along. 7,5/10

#1 Fireflies by Owl City – At the very top there’s something different than everything else in the Top 10. It’s not R’n’B or goes in that direction. It’s synthpop (yay, Wikipedia teaches me genres I can’t name). It’s a bit too slow for me but it is very sweet and after all those simple beats something refreshing. It was a surprise and a good one at that. But after all I don’t think it was the best song. 8,5/10

Done, finally. This week would get the rating 7,1/10 and with that Oricon has won but after all that’s all just numbers. I want to tell you that I was quite surprised how different the charts seemed to me. In the Oricon charts everything was listenable but always in the safe zone and on the other hand the Billboard charts were kind of a hit and miss. I liked that variety.

In some weeks or months I will do this again and then I maybe also look for the German and Korean charts. This will be a lot of work but next comes the review of Chihiro Onitsuka’s DOROTHY.


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