So, there are now officially three PVs to the latest AKB48 single A-side and because I think that every one of them is special in its own way I will write what I liked best about them.
And yes, I know I didn’t write about the single but somehow I didn’t find it as necessary, you know? I only write about what I like to write about. And about what I promised to write about xD. So the Billboard Top 10 is definitely coming and so is the Chihiro Onitsuka DOROTHY review.

RIVER (Official PV)

I like how everything looks kind of dark what is at the moment a bit of a trend around idols but when it’s not in a warehouse I’m totally okay with it. The dance also looks really cool which is mostly because they are a lot of girls and it’s the different moves they make and how the cuts are very fast. That makes the dance look really kick-ass. The idea of the girls really “fighting” for what they want to achieve is a cool one especially if you have enough budget for the military helicopter. Team B looks the fiercest in this PV and I say this as a Team K supporter. The cherry on top are the very beautiful close-ups that I really like and of course Yuko’s extremly hot hairstyle. She can totally pull that off. The only things I didn’t really like were too much Jurina (and no, I’m not a hater but I think she gets too much screentime – screentime other AKB48 members would need) and the lack of a real plot. Getting to the flower isn’t what I would call plot but it seems you can only have one thing at a time. The plot or the cool helicopter…


RIVER (Nemousu TV ORIGINAL PV – Directed by J.X.CARRERA)

I’m not sure but the Youtube video says that this is the official US Version of the River PV but it could be wrong. But what I know for sure is that this is the most creativ take on a PV for River. It’s simple, it’s colorful and it’s something different. I think it’s my favorite one out of the three. Sure, it’s a bit repetitive because the song is over 5 minutes long but there are little twists in the PV. What I found to be really well thought out is the little blue waterdrop in the middle, you know? Drop -> Water – > River? But maybe that’s just me~ The war paint is sometimes really cool and on other faces it’s a really weird looking paint war. Like white with green dots? Sae definitely got the best one. Simple and expressive. But at last another little thing I liked was the finger paint. It reminded me of MiChi’s Change the World (and no, I won’t look up how it should be written).


RIVER (Nemousu TV ORIGINAL PV – Directed by MIKE FOX)

I really don’t know what I should think about this PV. At first it seems like you get a plot finally but there’s not much of a plot really. I think 85% is just dancing. The other 15% are following the hints that are on some postcards that they get from some kind of Johnny Depp doppelgänger (i’m German, I won’t search for the way you english speaking people write it xD I’m lazy…). And I don’t think you should ever do this if you don’t know the man. And even if there should be something better to do than just dancing in those places. The storyline isn’t too good so I have to talk about the dancing. Because it’s not as fast cutted as in the first PV you can really see that they dance not so synchronous all the time. That they aren’t as many and you can see every girl doesn’t make it better. But at the same time there was this shot that followed Takamina dancing while switching from one dancing scene to another and her movements blended really well into another.  That was cool because it wasn’t your typical shot from the front but different angles. Oh, and two more good things about this not so interesting PV are that this PV got the girls that are matching to the voices heard in the song. It was really weird seeing the other girls doing the start in the other PV when originally Takamina should have shouted it. And the end is surprising but I won’t spoil you :3


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