Charts Fight!!! [Oricon]

So, I decided to take a look at the current Oricon Top 10 and after that at the Billboard (Hot?) Top 10 and find out if I really follow the music that I like the most. Maybe I did it wrong for 7 years o.o! Even though I always kind of tried to keep up with everything.
(Um, seems like you can’t look at the official German Top10. Don’t know which site I could trust XD So, it’s still only Oricon and Billboard.)

I will only listen to the A-side because that’s what it’s mostly about when people buy the singles. I will start now with the help of Youtube. It’s the (Oricon)week beginning on the 4th November, I think:

#10 Nagareboshi by Mika Nakashima – It sounds like your typical Mika Nakashima song, I think. She’s known for her ballads and for me it’s like I already heard it. Also, with over 6 minutes it  feels like it’s too long. But at least it doesn’t depress me. It has a rather hopeful sound and I think that’s the only thing I really like about it. Now Nagareboshi and before Candy Girl… I’m curious how her next album is gonna sound. 7/10

#9 Shunkashuutou by Hilcrhyme – I’ve never heard of those two and I’m not really impressed. It’s that Japanese R’n’B style that I think works especially for Japanese people but for me it’s kind of boring and only backgroundmusic, if anything. The next thing is the voice. I’ve heard similar ones to this too often and am not too fond of them… It’s a nice song but nothing that would be at #9 in my charts. 5,5/10

#8 Tsukiakari no Michishirube by Stereopony – Those girls get better and better in my opinion. I listened to their first album but I wasn’t too impressed. But now with Smilife a while ago and this good song I think I’m going to follow them more closely. The song rocks, it’s melodic, the verses aren’t boring and AIMI has a good voice. (And damn, she’s beautiful. Not cute but beautiful <3) 8,5/10

#7 GHOST†HEART by LM.C – It’s been so long since I’ve listened to something from them. I lost interest before because I totally couldn’t stand his voice but maybe I remembered it wrongly or he changed. I don’t know. The song it nothing too special but I somehow really like it. The verses have some nice bits and this quiet bridge is a nice touch in the otherwise fast song. (And about the PV: when I want to see skeleton-suits I’d rather watch Hone Hone Waltz! (Just kidding~ I only wanted to mention AKB48 even here xD))  8/10

#6 Swan Song by KinKi Kids – I’ve listened to asian music for some years now and I constantly saw KinKi Kids in the charts but I was never interested in listening to some of their stuff. Maybe it’s because they are a Johnny’s Unit but I didn’t know about Johnny’s till some months ago, so that’s no reason. Well, now I’ve heard what Swan Song sounds like and my hopes got high in the beginning cause it sounded like it’s going to be epic but that was maybe the first second. Then it only was simple pop and I admit that the instrumentation still was pretty nice but not epic. And not even the voices helped in any way. No thanks. 5,5/10

#5 LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no Battle~ by BREAKERZ – The label of these guys seems to keep their eyes open when it comes to YouTube etc. so the quality of the song I listened to wasn’t the best… The song is cool and I like the rock music combined with the vocoder but it’s just too repetetive and gets annoying especially since he sings “fighter” more like “fighta~a”. A big plus point is the PV. That was funny. Maybe you can find it over at JPS. 7,5/10

#4 Koi wo Kikasete by BIGBANG – This song is beautiful and the chorus got stuck in my head right away. I don’t know what to think about the whole rapping yet but it kind of fits. The voices work really well together which is nice because there are some really characteristic ones in the group. So, one of the best songs so far. And by accident I happen to know that I also like the B-side :3 8,5/10

#3 only my railgun by fripSide – It’s an anime opening and I think the first one so far but I haven’t payed too much attention. And it’s great ! I mean, we got the typical high japanese girl singing voice but the song is fast and reminded me a bit of the time when I first discovered Jpop and listened to Two-Mix. What a surprise that listen to the Top 10 would be worth it? And you should watch the PV. I recommend it! 9/10

#2 Ichou by Yusuke – So, now we got an actor turned singer but that’s not too important because the song doesn’t really need a singer. It’s this kind of R’n’B/Pop song that you rather expect while it’s summer so this is a nice change. You can just listen to it and it doesn’t get boring because of that energy you can hear. Good song but #2 might be too good for my taste. 7,5/10

#1 Kyu☆Jo☆Show!! by Kanjani8 – A JE group at the #1, what a surprise! No, but really, it is a good song. It might not deserve this position but a good one none the less. It has a big band which is always good and it is the group that doesn’t have to have good voices bedcause they are “the funny ones”. And it works! The song entertains you (and the PV even more) and I know why they are one of the few Jonny’s groups I kind of follow. 8,5/10

So, this week would get an average rating of 7,6/10 and if you know how seldom I give full points and that mostly there aren’t any songs with ratings worse than 5 it’s normal. Not too good, not too bad. But I didn’t expected the taste of the Japanese masses to reflect mine anyway XD (So, to make it clear: this is just for fun. I won’t change my fandom because of some chart ratings xD)

I still am curious to find out what I’ll think about the Billboard songs o.o


1 Response to “Charts Fight!!! [Oricon]”

  1. 1 Jin November 15, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    Haha, this is awesome. 8) It’s cool how you give the a-side a rating, this way I can know if I’m missing out on anything. xD

    Curse those JE groups for always getting the #1 spot. >:l

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