Stage by Stage ~K3~

So, I thought that there should be at least one post about something different between the Stage by Stages and here I am, bringing you K3 after two little PVs.

Sometimes I get crazy and think about reviewing the new DVD Boxset but then I think about how I don’t know how most songs were originally performed and then I’m sure that there will be a time when a concert review finds its way onto this blog but it’s not here yet.

So let’s first look at Team K’s 3rd Stage Nounai Paradise


I don’t really like that shot but it shows you best that they are really using some instruments for the opening song Tomo yo. And because I feel like it you get to see even more pictures because they look really nice using them.


It's Sayaka and the other girl. I don't have the slightest clue...


I could just guess who she is but I don't want to make a fool out of myself so I won't >_>°

Tomo yo is a kind of slow pop song but it’s really nice. I mean the chorus really gets stuck in your head but if I want to be honest I’d have to say that the instruments help the song a lot. And Tomomi Kasai on the harmonica is a picture for gods. She looks like she had never done anything different.


The next song is already the title song for this Stage Nounai Paradise. They had to undress a bit so there was this little intro where they were jumping and running around the stage until everyone was ready. It was really cute and the intro sounded a bit like it could have been the opening music for some 70’s TV series. The song itself is really infectious because of this couting numbers and weekdays. And there was this little funny part in the dance when there was happening a kind of chain reaction :3 Just mentioning.
Ki ni Naru Tenkousei starts off as a very cute and sweet song but gets poppier after a bit. I like that the voices aren’t as high as when they beginn singing and even this song got it’s own catch phrase so won’t forget it. Ever.
Everybody hey hey!


With Naki Nagara Hohoen de we see the first solo song in an AKB48 Stage and it’s sung by Yuko Oshima. Man, I could have made pictures from that performance for hours, she just looks so beautiful. The song is of course a ballad and I have to say that Yuko really surprised me. I never payed much attention to it but I didn’t expect her to have such a voice. I knew that she had to be a somewhat good singer for a solo but this voice is just perfect for this kind of song. I thought she would have a more powerful and not so girly voice but I guess she can do more than this. But she does this song pretty great even though is this high note that isn’t really my taste but I don’t think it’s sung badly or anything.  Beautiful song ❤


MARIA is a pain in the ass when it comes to making good pictures from the DVD performance for your effing review. So I just give you this crappy pic and hope that you are interested enough to watch the performance. Because this is one great song. It has power and melody and guitars. What do you want more? The performance is also kind of cool (with some weird moments) because when they first appear Ayaka Umeda and Tomomi Kasai position those two big mirrors behind them and it’s a bit funny to see the audience in those said mirrors. Also they got those not-microphone-stands. It’s like they just have long sticks attached to their microphones. But that’s important for the whole dance which is really cool but you have to make your own opinion. About the girls is to say that I was shocked when I saw that Tomomi is in that unit because she just has such a high voice and you need to get used to it but it helps the chorus to get this begging atmosphere. And wth, I didn’t recognize Ayaka Umeda! She really starts to become a favorite of mine. A few days or weeks ago I saw a stunning picture of hers so it got me interested in her and now I hear how good she sings and again how beautiful she is. Great girl ❤


Another great unit song follows. Kimi wa Pegasus has my Oshimen (Sayaka <3) in it and Sae which is nice because they also were in K2 in the same unit. The song is not pop and not rock and pop rock doesn’t fit either. It has some syths I think but you see, I can’t describe this song to save my life. The important thing is that it is able to take your full attention. The only negative thing might be their voices at some point. Sayaka’s voice fits naturally (I’m wondering how she would do in a cutesy song~) and Nonti’s also but in this song Sae’s voice is inappropiately high and you see, she is a man here. Unlike Sae Natsuki does her best to make her voice fit in. But it’s still a great song. Maybe a shuffle version would get full score :3


Somehow I got the impression that Hone Hone Waltz isn’t too popular among AKB48 fans but I don’t care. I fell in love with it. For the simple reasons that it is a cute song but in an very unusual style. It has this kind of merry-go-round music in the chorus and the music in the verses is so minimal that Erepyon and Manami don’t have to sing over the music with their kiddie-voices. It defenitely is something different and a nice performance to show your friends at halloween!


As you can see in the picture is Kurukurupaa a funny song and it is performed by six members, just so you know. The music is nothing too special as you might already have guessed but at least it is fun to watch.


The first song after the unit songs is Christmas ga Ippai which is nothing surprising because K3 started in december. But it’s no slow winter ballad like Anata to Christmas Eve from A1 but a happy, poppy song. The dresses are just wonderfull and there are some parts in the song when they interact really friendly with each other.
When I read Theater Pirates i thought of something powerful because, you know, pirates are powerful but instead we get another popsong. In fact, it remembered me a bit of High School Musical. Don’t know where I got this image from but it was just there. Well, miocre song.


After Yuko’s solo song we get another ballad with Kataomoi no Sotsugyou Shiki and it is really beautiful. They get on stage person after person because they had to change first but it really fits the mood of the song. I’m not a ballad fan but here in the verses it seems like almost every line is a solo line and when they start to sing together in the chorus it’s a wonderful effect.


Hana to Chire! is very powerful song and something I waited for the whole stage even though we got those songs in the units I wanted to see it from the whole Team. The chorus is a bit weird but that’s nothing compared to the bridge which totally stands out. They tried a lot in this song and I think it works for them!
Like in A3 there is also in K3 a medley. Specifically the Team K 2nd Stage Medley. It consists of Virgin Love, Cinderella wa Damasarenai and Korogaru Ishi ni Nare and I think those songs a very well chosen. But unlike the A3 medley here they changed nothing about the songs what I thought to be kind of sad. I would have loved to here a new mix for Korogaru. You can see in the picture that they aren’t wearing dresses what makes the dance for Cinderella again a bit redundant but that’s something one has to live with. I really like this medley, don’t get me wrong, but they could have made more with it.
The “last” song is Sougen no Kiseki it’s a very casual song. It sound like nothing too special and there isn’t something like a real choreography. I mean some parts for sure have a specific dance but a big part hasn’t. They just hug each other and smile and some are even weeping. It’s a song that let’s you go home with a smile on your face.


Although Sougen no Kiseki is the last song there is a special bonus on the Stage DVD. Arigatou is the song that Yu Imai performed on her graduation day, I guess. It’s a beautiful ballad and even though it’s not perfect sung it’s understandable because she just performed in a Stage and of course her feelings must be heels over head too. So, it’s a very nice bonus :3

I didn’t calculate Arigatou in my rating ’cause I’m asuming that it was performed only once but with almost only great unit songs, a cool title song and a bit of every genre it’s a very good stage. It gets 7,9/10 points from me. That means it’s the second best stage until now.


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