Lascivious Oni-chan!

I think Chihiro will always be a part of this blog and I’m happy about it because it means that she always makes something blogworthy.

This is the same woman whose last four releases were deep, meaningful songs with a dark atmosphere and everything a Chihiro-Fan wants to hear from her. And now we get this so totally different song and I love it!

I also like her ballads and of course X which might be my favorite song by her but this song with the matching PV is just so surprising and different and fun that I can’t say anything different than that I’m totally excited for the coming album!

I hope there are a lot of different styles and if it turns out like Steal This Heart I really don’t mind if she doesn’t use her voice like we are used to hear from her. I already know that there will be two songs on the album that I don’t really like so this was kind of necessary. Now, after I looked at the 00-04-22tracklist, I realized that there are only four unknown songs left. But I trust her. This will be a better album than LAS VEGAS.
I let you know as soon as possible.

But back to the song. It’s just a fun one and it’s really easy to remember. Steal this heart~ Again and again~ *sing*. There’s a weird filter over her voice but that’s just for the retro sound I think. But even though the song is good, the PV is also a big factor. With the band in the style of those bands that I don’t really know because I’m born in the very early 90’s (okay, I hope they didn’t look that weird) it’s just great to watch because you can see how they all don’t really take it seriously. The best scenes are Chihiro making out with everyone 00-04-30of the band members. LoL. That’s so not her. And because of that it’s totally her imho. Loved it. She makes you look like this O_O without having a three-some with two other girls *cough*Kumi*cough*.

I’m thinking about buying the PV collection.

Damn you Chihiro for not releasing a CD+DVD album like everyone else!



1 Response to “Lascivious Oni-chan!”

  1. 1 lvng00 February 11, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Ahah I didn’t realize there was that much tongue involved…I never saw it HD enough.

    But er yes good to see she’s enjoying herself.

    *keeps looking at it*

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