The Black Goldfish

Okay, I admit it. It’s nothing too special that I fall in love with a song and listen to it over and over again. The last songs I really liked that way were MiChi’s YOU and Arashi’s truth (hey, I watched Maou~) and I listened to them around 30 times in one week. But now I found that song that just hit the 50-listens mark and I heard it the first time the day before yesterday. So, I think it’s blogworthy.

So, this is the first time I heard about Tae Hwa and Battle, the boygroup he was in before going solo.
Those two names were all I knew when I downloaded the single and listened to it just to don’t miss anything good in that big wave of korean releases. Good thing I did so! I know for many this song won’t be anything special but I could just listen to it for another fifty times. The melody is great, his voice is good and I got used to the rapping of JED, even though his english lines aren’t that great. I even searched for the lyrics + translations! The last time  I did that was MiChi’s YOU and that only because I wanted to sing it. So, the lyrics aren’t that special but that doesn’t bother me at all because I wouldn’t listen to asian music that I don’t understand if the lyrics would matter to me that much.

Besides that I really love that song, the MV is also really good and I think that’s not just me. (Like I said, I could understand if no one else than me loves the song xD) Sure, the blond/white hair is the new trend and I already read some comparisons to GDragon but you could do that with a lot of singers so I don’t think that is a big deal. But what I think is great is the fact that you can really see the meaning behind the song in the MV. Oh, how different that is for an Ayumi Hamasaki fan! So many PVs that never seemed to have any connection to the song lyrics~ So it’s great to see the Angel from the song title “Fallen Angel” in the video and on the other hand the fallen angel or deamon. And both sides are freakin’ hot! I was always the girl that fell for the extrem “colors”. (I was never a Gackt fan but I knew I liked him the most with that platinum blond hair or with black. But no other haircolor.) I just quick mention what I didn’t like about the MV. It were little things. The lenses weren’t my taste and so was that move in the beginning when the other guy lifted him up (Ayu’s GREEN anyone?). Then in the black part the long shot with the fabrics. It was great in the close ups but looked kind of meh when seen like this. And that’s about it. Three little things! I hope I can find it in a better resolution.

That was all about Fallen Angel I wanted to say. There’s also this song With U… but it’s a not-special-at-all ballad which is kind of sad but I guess if you want to be successful you have to try to appeal to everyone. I really hope for the full album to show up soon and until that happens I listen to the Battle discography. Tae Hwa was the main vocalist :3

Oh and what’s that with his surname? When he was in the band it was always Jin and now it says Zin on the cover. I don’t get it… But that doesn’t keep me from scrobbeling him on under the Artist-Tag “Tae Hwa” xD

So, you better check him out!


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