Stage by Stage ~A3~

And the next one! Wow, seems like Team B is far, far away from being reviewed by me in the next time. Oh, I also want to say that I will include the Himawari-Gumi stages here. Need to watch everything AKB48 related (and write about it)! xD

So, third time’s a charm they say?
Let’s see what kind of charm Team A’s Dareka no Tame ni has for us!


The Stage begins with Tsukimisou which sounds kind of traditional but with the fighting theme in it. It has something special but it wasn’t the beginning that let me thought “Wow, this is gonna be it!” so, yeah, you could like it but even then you have to sit through all those screams and stuff. At the end I was just like “Finally it’s over”. So I have a good opinion about the beginning of the song but then it changes. You may just have to figure it out yourself but I didn’t like it so much in the end.
Warning didn’t really do anything to convince me that this could be a good stage. The verses somehow didn’t really have a melody which was just bad and how the girls always sang the end of every line. No thanks. The chorus was nice but that’s about it.
Finally a song which gave reason to give this Stage a chance and watch through it. Tanjoubi no Yoru is really better than the two songs before it and that’s really nice even though it’s not really difficult to be better. The chorus is nice, especially the repetitions of Happy and stuff. Makes it stuck in your head. (Man, I’m writing a lot. I should mention that I drink beer while writing this. but that doesn’t effect my opinions on the songs. I wrote them down yesterday~)
What’s up with the socks?


So, it seems like with the unit songs everything gets better. If you start getting into AKB48 at least one person will recommend Bird to you. And that with good reason. Takamina leads this unit and her voice deserves it. It’s always a pleasure listening to it. (Fangirl! I think she’s the only reason that I kind of like Team A.) The song itself is of course also very good and I realized how much it sucks that I first heard about AKB48 so late because MaiMai has some good qualities on stage (that I will only see on DVD..). Sadly her voice is at one point akwardly high which made me give the song less points but it still rocks. Also visually. The outfits are great and the dance is… special. You have to get used to it but it suits the song really well.


Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose! is a very nice pop song that I kind of liked. It wasn’t something special (except for those brilliant hats) but it at least doesn’t disappoint you like the first two songs. For everything I wrote above I now write… not as much. There’s somehow not much you can say about this song. But that doesn’t make it bad.


Now we come to the song that felt like Kinjirareta Futari part 2. Shinkirou has the same problem with the boring verses and the really addictive chorus that you hum along. And there are two girls in white dresses on stage. Another girl that I started to really like because of this stage and already graduated from AKB48 is part of this duet. Nakanishi Rina ❤ Well, I will watch out for her when I’m watching old concerts and stuff. Back to the song: It’s KF part 2 but not as sexy. That still makes it good for a ballad.


I read that there’s a sad story behind Rider about a fan who died but despite that, the song isn’t sad at all. It’s pop and happy and kind of “let’s remember the good times” I think. I don’t have the lyrics word for word in my head right now but that’s what it sounds like. It has that touch of a mediocre pop song but it’s still really nice to watch. Especially the outfits are nice~


Yes, another graduated member I started to really like during the stage. Well, it’s Hana Tojima and she was the first girl from AKB48 that caught my attention (while I was looking through the pics of the weekly calender) so I was really glad to see that she also is great on stage.


You can never do wrong with a single. Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru is of course one of my favorites and it is really important for AKB48 because it’s one of the songs with the not so idol-like themes in it. And it is really great. No boring part at all. The only thing that could annoy you after a time are all those “Ah~!s”. But that’s just something little and the sexy choreography makes totally up for it.
And after the unit songs ended there must be a song that is totally empty and just kind of boring. Natsu ga Icchatta is this song and well, you have to live with it. At least they still wear those kind of slutty uniforms.


The first thing I realized after Koike started playing was that Mariko Shinoda not really got a speaking voice I would like hearing while watching a whole DVD. But for one song it’s okay, I guess. The song itself is a nice change because it got a bit of a samba sound and the smirks the girls give eacht other while trying their best to shake their ‘breasts’ are just too funny. The whole dance is funny because of those weird arm movements so all in all it’s very entertaining!
Tsuki no Katachi was a very bright light after being disappointed a few times. I first read a few lines of the lyrics and expected a ballad but we get this really melodious song that I never really payed attention to while only listening the stage. I really recommend that song!


What I really liked about Dareka no Tame ni ~What Can I Do For Someone?~, the title song, were those really beautiful white dresses. And of course the song itself. It’s not really something that special but all the girls sing it with so much feeling that you just start to like it. And those gestics they do while they interact with each other are just cute ❤


In a bit less than 10 minutes we see the Medley which consists of Aitakatta, Dear my teacher, Sakura no Hanabiratachi, Skirt、Hirari and AKB48. It’s really fun because most songs are now rockier and faster which is kind of weird during Sakura no Hanabiratachi. Those hand moves so fast? Well, it’s a good laugh~ I think it’s cool that they did it like this and tried something new than just put the songs like they are in a medley. Thumbs up!


Seems like they waited with one of the best songs till the end. Namida Uri no Shoujo is a great song with gorgeous dresses and again they tried something new. This time in form of something rap-like. It’s weird but interesting. After some “bad” songs this makes you think better about the stage with it as last song.

This stage showed me some girls that are truly great and would be even greater if they still were in AKB48. Besides that it showed me that even AKB48 can have some really boring and less than mediocre songs and without the singles here like Seifuku and of course the medley the rating might have been worse. I hope no other stage will get a rating this low again: 7,3/10


2 Responses to “Stage by Stage ~A3~”

  1. 1 Julia October 11, 2009 at 4:49 am

    I just want to lodge a complaint that you got everyone in the Nage kiss unit but my favourite AKB member into the screencap of that unit! XDDD

    Poor Nacchan, though. Trying to spot her in early A stages is enough to make you go cross-eyed.

    • 2 PrivateLaughter October 11, 2009 at 11:37 am

      Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t want to post another stage shot and when they were sitting like this there was no moment when I could have got all of them in the picture. And in the other picture in which Nacchan was (I think), they all had some weird facial expressions…

      But A4 is coming soon I think, I hope to include her then in one of the caps :3

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