It’s YOU, finally

I know I’m late because her album is already out (and soon the limited edition is on its way to me) but for now I will just write about this special single before her major debut album.

The Cover (and of what it consists)

It looks like crap, I know. But let me assure you, there are places in the cd case where you can put the card and it doesn’t look as bad as here. Those are for example those where her eyes aren’t covered by gigantic letters. Still, the card could have looked better. Everything in MiChi’s face is a bit big. Her lips, her nose, her eyes and I really like that. It just doesn’t look so good from that front angle. So, her name and the title are on a see-trough lay-in and you can just take the card out if you like it like that. I will keep it in there, so it’s save. There’s an autograph on it, so I’ll make sure not to lose it. (Under the CD in the case there’s a picture of MiChi signing all those cards. I wanted to scan it but I’m afraid I might break the case so I didn’t.)

Did she write the same sentence on every card?

The Songs

YOU is very relaxed and slow and just the type of ballad that suits MiChi really well. I didn’t have a clue how a ballad from her would be since I hoped for every single to be a bit more like her indies album but now we got the total opposite and she just excels in it. It’s not like her voice is made for ballads but this song would have sounded weird from someone that you are used to just work with their voice. But with MiChi we get feelings and even if you just understand some bits of japanese and listen to the english lines you get the feeling that she’s talking to someone. The chorus stucks in your head and even the verses aren’t boring at all and that means something when I say it. (I think.)

With YOY we go back to the bit dance-like songs and it’s kind of different from the other songs because it seems minimalistic in some parts and if you listen closely even her voice is distorted sometimes. The bad thing is that I always wait for the chorus to start again because I can’t really get myself to like the verses blog_youthat much. But the bridge is nice with the Whys and Downs. Still, you miss her special something after listening to YOU. Maybe the least good b-side by her.

YOU (version 3.1) is of course a remix of YOU and after I’ve listened to it for the first time (on the bus) I thought that I heard her voice maybe twice. Well, when you start the song you expect it to be some kind of traditional asian version but that intro soon stops and you just get the instrumentals a bit electrified and in some parts (after a long time) there are the vocals thrown in. The best starts after the half song is already over. The remixer finally used the chorus and it saves the this version a bit but the intro is just too long and boring. All in all I think YOU isn’t really the song you should remix, but what do I know~

I’m so happy while writing this because there’s YOU (instrumental) on this CD. That means for me: Search the lyrics and sing, sing, sing! There never was an instrumental to any song on her previous singles so I’m very happy. And besides the fact that I can now try my best while recording my voice (I’m not sure if you will ever get to hear this) it even is a very good instrumental. Just beautiful. I like it very much and there isn’t the background singing that are on some so-called “instrumentals”.

The PV

Oh, the PV is so loveley. It’s made like it would be filmed by her (b0y?)friend and it’s really fun and suits the song perfectly. Even when she opens that bottle of champagne it still works with the slow song. They did it very good. And I like how she only sings in the chorus because those activities seen in the PV would look weird while singing. Except maybe for that popcorn throwing xD I can’t even decide what pictures to include in this post. Oh, and she looks sooo nice. There are always some shadow issues with her nose but those are almost completely gone. So, just go and watch it!


After all was the single really worth the buy. The song is beautiful, there is an instrumental and there is an autograph. The b-side and the remix weren’t that exciting but I wouldn’t say they are bad and some people might like them. Not her best single but a nice one to end the era.


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