Shuffle 5 ~Idol Version~

So, before I begin with the next Stage by Stage I thought I could do what I sometimes do but this time I will write about it.

Since I started to be interested in H!P again (first time was around 2003/04 I think) I collected more and more Idol music. So much, that I can’t really tell the songs appart. Of course there are some exceptions but you get what I mean.

So, now I have some songs of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, °C-ute, AKB48 (<3), Idoling!!!, etc. and I will use iTunes to pick 5 for me that I will then write about here and give them stars or hearts or points or something.

So, let’s start with the first one:

Samidare Koi Uta by W

And we start right off with a total win! This is my absolut favorite ballad by W. Well, I don’t really know how much there are but I guess none of them can beat this song. So, it’s a ballad but the speacial thing is that their voices are over each other’s in some parts which is just a great effect and they manage it really well. And then, shortly before the chorus they start singing together. Goosebumps, I tell ya! So, to make it a bit harder for me I can only give 5 points and I try to avoid half points so my opinion is clearer. And even if they have squeaky voices that doesn’t hurt the song so much: 5/5

Rope no Yuujou by SKE48

Second song and already one I can’t find a cover for. Well, doesn’t really matter. I can remember that I really liked the song when I first was watching S2 so I’m curious what I will think when I will hear it now again. It’s a very powerful song with some rock elements in it what I really like. My favorite AKB48 song is similar so you can’t go wrong here. The chorus is also kind of catchy and there’s a guitar solo! (But it could have been longer). Hm, I could search for some flaws but right now I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it 5/5. I need a studio recording of this song!

Inochi no Tsukaimichi by AKB48

This song ranked #11 in my Top20 list and surley not without a reason. The beginning is really special because it’s so haunting and even without understanding what it means you can hear that the song has something mysterious about it. After the intro the song drifts into an a bit more poppy direction but not too much but the effect from the beginning can’t be hold, sadly. But it’s still a very good song because the verses and chorus are still good and the intro appears some more throughout the song. Team B did a good job here. 4/5 (<- if I included the performance it would be more.)

Darling I Love You by °C-ute

This was the b-side of Namida no Iro and as far as I know there’s also a Berryz Koubou version of the song. And that song was so promising at first with heavy guitar and synths and stuff and then it become this pop song with the typical Hey!s. And I understood Garin instead of Darling at first. But let’s hear what the song else has to offer. The chorus is annoying because of the repetition of the song title. The rest of this song consists of various parts that are thrown together so that it never really seems to flow. There was a part I liked (i think it was the longest of the verse) but it drowned because of all the other ones that were around it being crazy. Can’t really say I enjoyed it much. 2/5

image 1Ai no Iro by AKB48

Yes, AKB48 again. That’s not a surprise since one third of my “Idols” playlist consists of AKB48 songs. But this song doesn’t do much for me. It starts like it could be the beginning of some J-Tec song but that’s just the first two, three seconds. And then there’s not really something to talk about. Not for me at least. I’m curious what I will write about the song when I’ll review K5. Maybe the performance can save the song somehow. 2,5/5

So, that was it. Maybe I will do a singer-songwriter version of this or a J-rock version. I don’t know. We’ll see. I hope I can put the Stage by Stage to A3 up tomorrow~


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