Stage by Stage ~K2~

I watched K2 a while ago but then this thing with Koharu happened and then school happened. You know what I mean.
Even though I won’t write this review shortly after I watched the Stage I hope that my notes and listening to the songs will be enough to bring my opinion on paper. Or blog.

So, let’s see what Team K’s 2nd Stage Seishun Girls is all about!


If it would just be for the intro of Seishun Girls I wouldn’t have watched this Stage. I hate the intro. This slow, lame, english rhyme all the time. But luckily it changed when it got faster so it’s all okay after the first seconds. Oh, and they undress in the beginning! Nice~ I thought that the “rap” part was nice and it was a powerful enough song to start the stage. It’s better than the first song of A2, but that’s not too hard (even though their dance was a bit sloppy performed).

Oh look - it's Genking!

Oh look - it's Genking!

After that they sing Beach Sandal, which is a nice poppy song and kind of mediocre but at least not in a bad way. I thought it had it’s charm but it could have been better. Still good and the mexican wave was a nice touch.
And we continue with a nice song that doesn’t really stand out. Kimi ga Hoshi ni Naru Made isn’t bad but after three songs with a very similar tone to them I thought it was enough. In the Stage it may just be misplaced and if you only listen to it you could like it better than after the other two songs.


Man, Blue Rose is a kick-ass song! And it’s the first song that shows that Team K is (or was?!) the kind of rockish team out of the three. But I honestly have to say that Sayaka is now hotter. Not a lot more but as hot as she could be. Or is she going to be even hotter in a few months/years?! Well, besides Sayaka’s hottness there is Sae’s voice that has majorly improved compared to this thing she called a singing voice in Skirt, Hirari. The things I didn’t like was how I never understood what they were singing. Blue rose is …? What? The word I thought I heard was “Blue rose is blue”. Doesn’t seem likely that they actually sang that. Whatever, the synchronized head-banging with the microstands was kinda fail. But the microstand-kicking was win. Life always shows us how close those two are. All in all a must see song!


The second unit song is a duet between Yuko Oshima and Tomomi Kasai called Kinjirareta Futari – the forbidden lovers. Nice theme, isn’t it? If I would’ve known that from the beginning I perhaps wouldn’t have thought that the first verse is boring. But to be honest it still is just kind of unspectacular. But the chorus makes up for that because it just gives you this “Wow”-effect. That the chorus isn’t too long makes you hope for it to happen again because it is so good. Especially watching it is nice. They don’t really dance but those arm moves. Hrr~ Another thing that makes you hrr would be those talking parts. Even if you don’t understand the words (like me), you still hear this longing for the other person in it. The last thing to mention is how they are always kind of far away on the stage while singing ’till in the end…



… they get together. How romantic ❤

Then there’s this rough cut.


And we get to see animals. Ame no Doubutsuen is this happy kiddy song that I don’t really like. I like fun and silly songs, don’t get me wrong but this one is just too much for me. Well, the costumes are because the song isn’t that happy or anything. It’s just there and sounds nice in some parts. I guess some people like watching the too young and maybe not so sexy ones in this unit. You got to put them in some unit, don’t you? But it’s not my cup of tea.


It’s time for the my-ass-looks-in-this-dress-extremely-huge-because-there’s-a-dress-under-it… dress. Well, Fushidara na Natsu is still performed as a unit song with 9 members but I used this pic because you can see their big butts better. But about the song: it has this kind of island sound and is really fun to listen to. I like it because you don’t fall asleep because of it.
That’s more the case when Don’t Disturb starts. The song is slow and boring. Maybe the lyrics give it a bit more spice but that doesn’t really help me. The bad engrish, not only in the song but also spoken, doesn’t save it one bit. It’s just meh…


Yay for wonderful white dresses! I just realized that Virgin Love wasn’t a single. That was kind of weird because I really thought it was one because it sounds like single. It’s poppy and powerful and got a very cool chorus. And the verses are not bad either. The only problem I have with the song is that instead of Virgin Love I always understand vagin-la and sometimes the L is missing. Still a very fun song!
Hizukehenkousen was the first song that caught my full attention while watching AX09 and I still adore it. It’s beautiful and the chorus from time to time gets stuck in my head out of nowhere! It’s not too slow, it’s not too fast, it’s not too poppy, it’s just great ❤


It’s the yukatas again! That’s cute because it fits so well with the firework theme. But besides the yukatas and the firework sounds in the background is Boku no Uchiage Hanabi very empty. Man, that was the worst song so far I think.


There’s not much to say about Yakusoku yo other than that it is a nice pop song. Man, I have enough of those. A song needs character! Team K, give me character!
*Korogaru Ishi ni Nare starts playing* Oh, thanks Team K. Everyone who is following my blog (are there people who actually do this or are you all just here because of IW? xD) knows that this is my absolute favorite AKB48 song. There’s no other song (at least I haven’t heard it yet) that is so rockish and powerful and full of meaning and yeah, I just love it – 10 out of 10 points (I would give 100 if I could).


Korogaru Ishi ni Nare is so awesome that it doesn’t need a special costume but for Cinderella wa Damasarenai it is a good thing to have them. Not because the song isn’t good but because the costumes make it so much better. A friend of mine calls it the mexico song and it seems to be the only AKB48 song he really likes and I can undestand him (to some point) because it’s really something special with those spanish/latin/mexican/whatever sound. After that, the audience will be totally excited while they’re leaving the theater. It’s the last song and a good way to end the Stage.

I knew from the beginning that Seishun Girls has a lot of my favorite tracks and that I kind of just be gushing about this and that but on the other hand there were some songs that didn’t really leave any impression. It was quite balanced but I’m happy that escpecially the unit songs are great. The rating this time is 8,2/10.


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