It had to happen someday

I didn’t say anything when it was announced that Kanna was graduating and besides some comments I also didn’t lose a word about Erika’s graduation but MM is a bit closer to me than °C-ute so that I just wanted to write something about Miracle-chan.

(Also, the next Stage by Stage is already in the works but two in a row are enough I think and I’m still waiting for my YOU copy to arrive so I can review that.)

I have to say that I somehow expected it. With all her solo projects and stuff going on I thought that she also would be the most logic one to graduate next. But now I think something will be missing in Morning Musume. Even though I didn’t like her at first but that opinion changed. (And I read that this not only happened to me o.o)

But even a good friend of mine who’s favorite Kusumi is said that when he watches videos it always seems like she’s different than the others. So maybe it will be better for MM and for her and I think it’s a good way to get the fans again used to graduations and auditons. That’s what MM is and was always about, am I right?

The only confusing thing is that she wants to be a model. With her incredible charm and just how extremly lively she is I thought some different careerpath would be better for her.
But nothing’s carved in stone yet.

I just wish her the best of luck and that she achieves all of her goals.


(More information is over at Hello! Online)


2 Responses to “It had to happen someday”

  1. 1 shoudou September 20, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    is she really going to graduate O.o? As you say, Koharu always have had something different from the other MM, I remember when she entered with the iroppi Jirettai single… Personally I think she always had been better when release solo or milkyway than in MM. I will miss her too :_( ganbare Koharu!

  1. 1 Rounding Out the Koha Commentary, Pt. 5 « International Wota Trackback on September 21, 2009 at 3:15 am

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