Stage by Stage ~A2~

Shortly after K1 started A2 had its first performance. A stage in that I have high hopes because it isn’t the first stage anymore. But let’s see what I think about each song (and maybe about some outfits).

Team A’s 2nd Stage Aitakatta, start!:


And we start right off with the unit songs! Didn’t know they changed the position of the unit songs in the setlist. Nageki no Figure‘s beginning seems somehow familiar to me. Hm… but I like the song and the costumes are more than cute. The dance is kinda weird but okay. I may would have chosen another song to open the stage.


This song, Namida no Shounan, is really cool. The song is cool, the outfits are cool but the beginning, this “Chuchuchu”, doesn’t really fit in there. But that’s no biggie. And there are some details I saw and found really cute, like Mariko’s dimples when she’s singing or the way Ayumi put her hand on the microphone.


I hope I chose the right picture to show how livley Aitakatta is. The chorus is really addictive and if you have only listened to this song a couple of times you tend to believe that it only consists of the chorus. At least that’s what my best friend told me.


I think this picture shows the best what Nagisa no Cherry is about. You can clearly see who the leader of this unit is and I think this song has the most unfair line distribution I’ve ever seen. And there’s another point why this is bad because Acchan still isn’t the best singer. Don’t know why she gets this position. But after all the song is really cute and lovely.


Man, what an average song. Glass no I love you doesn’t really has anything to offer except for these ubercute pink outfits. And there’s Takamina in this unit which is a waste. With her powerful voice she shouldn’t be in a cute song where she can’t use it.


If only the song would be as good as the dresses. Koi no Plan is again an average and kind of boring song. And seven girls in one unit? How is there someone going to shine?


And again there’s a unit with seven girls. But at least Senaka kara dakishimete is a really good song. And I kind of fell in love with the lyrics. I always remember that scene in Hana Kimi.. ah~ ❤


And we are done with the unit songs but we continue with even more GOLD!!! When I look at this pic I think that I just imagined the gold/green versions of the dress. But green is my favorite color ;_; Whatever, Rio no Kakumei is the next song and even though it is not the best song the performance entertains you really good. I liked it~
After that we get to hear JESUS and I still don’t know what to think about the song. It has it’s own charm but with all those Japanese girls the name Jesus seems kind of misplaced. Doesn’t change the addictive chorus, so I say it’s a good song.


After some good songs there’s again a kind of boring song. I think Dakedo… is nicer when you understand Japanese because the lyrics are somewhat nice. But besides this and the outfits there isn’t much that makes it better.
Oh my! It’s a song we already know! Dear my teacher is still the same very good song and even though I don’t know why it is featured in this stage I think it’s good that we get to see and hear something fun after Dakedo…


I want one of those yukatas! They look soo good. Maybe the best outfit of the whole stage. But what do they perform in it? Mirai no Tobira wasn’t interesting at first but it gets better and better. After Dakedo it’s nice to know that there is still an original A2 song left that isn’t boring you to sleep.
And yes, that’s the last A2 song because after it there is only AKB48 and Skirt, Hirari left which is a good end I think. In those yukatas they can’t really jump around like they used to in AKB48 but whatever. And I kind of missed the skirts in the last song but I still love those yukatas ❤


Bonus pic because I love Miichan’s hair <333

This has to be the stage with the best outfits! I can’t imagine how an other could beat that. Well, Aitakatta was a really so-so stage because some songs kicked ass (but often we already knew them) and some were the perfect material to make yourself a tea or something. My new, extremly strict rating (lol) and my calculator say that A2 gets 7,7/10.


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