48’s Latest Releases

This becomes more and more an AKB48 blog but whatever. I like it and that’s the only thing that matters, right?

Theater Version Cover

Theater Version Cover

SKE48’s first single Tsuyoki Mono Yo is a very powerful popsong. 00-00-09The chorus gets stucked in your head right away and the instrumental part after the first lines is also a very good detail. The verses are nice but after all when I think about the song I don’t really remember them. Even though it first had to grow on me I think now that it is a very good debut single and 00-02-35with all the power that the girls have it really suits them better than a song like Sakura no Hanabiratachi would. Unfortunately there is no B-Side. I wonder why they didn’t use a S2 as B-Side…

In the PV we see first how Jurina walks into an empty warehouse and then the other ones before the song starts and we see the girls (Team S) dance. I really like the dance because it is very powerful and suits the song perfectly. And it looks rather complicated but good at the same time. That’s 00-00-58something where you can see that those girls have experience. Beside that dance shot there are also some close ups that are really beautiful and the slow motion is the whipped cream topping. The main color in the PV is blue I think. That makes it a bit cold but the skin of the girls has a really warm color which is a nice touch I think. After all I think it’s a good debut PV and if you consider the budget they had I think it’s even better than most H!P PVs. They do something with the close ups, you see?

Theater Version Cover

AKB48’s latest release’s A-Side is calles Iiwake Maybe and is typical idol pop. The 00-02-01instrumentation is really fast forward while it is at times a bit slower. I think those changes are very nice. In the verses there are often a chor that sings the same after the main voices. Cute but can be bothering at times. I’m happy they didn’t rape the word “Maybe” like they did with “Surprise” but on the other hand there isn’t much that you can do with “Maybe”. At first I thought it was a bit annoying that they sing the “Maybe” twice 00-02-23and it sounded so high but now it really is a nice listen. The bridge is also good because you can hear different voices and not one of them is off. Well, “Namida Surprise” had some parts that were really cool but this song is more cute and idollike.  I’m curious what comes next.

I like how most of AKB48’s PVs got a storyline and with Iiwake Maybe it’s the same. At the beginning the girls fight because Acchan ruined their baseball game and Yuko is all ‘I’m going to kill you’ like (maybe that’s a bit over the top but wth~) and then there comes this woman (sensei?) who decides they are going to do a bike race of some sort. After that you see some scenes where they are riding their bikes and also 00-03-39a dance shot on a very green lawn. Of course there also are some close ups  but they aren’t that interesting. I also didn’t really pay attention to the dance because the parts of the bike race were too interesting. Really fun stuff and in the end the argument is forgotten and they are all friends again. Oh… okay, that’s a bit cheesy and I still think so but whatever because the important part is that this mood gets destroyed by … Sayaka! The ending is so handpalm but just watch it yourself.

The B-Side Tobenai Agehachou isn’t as fast as the A-Side which is a nice 00-03-18contrast. It has some R’n’B trown in and seems more mature than the latest AKB48 singles. The song has character and isn’t like some stage song that I forget after watching it which is one point why I like that song really much. Also it has some kind of dreamy feeling to it when you listen to the bridge. But one of the biggest points why I like this song is …

…the PV because it only features the members that placed 21 – 30 in the senbatsu selection. And that’s a good thing because now there are only 10 girls which makes 00-02-26the PV less crowded. But it’s a B-Side and because of that it also had a small budget like “Tsuyoki Mono yo” had. I’ll tell you the differences. But first what they have in common: A warehouse. Yes, again but that seems to be a trend at the moment if you look at Morning Musumes “Nanchatte Renai”. Opposed to SKE48 the outfits that the “Undergirls” are wearing are really fierce and so is the PV it self. It got a really hot dance with 00-03-37fascinating moves (and some weird ones) and the ground is wet. Doesn’t sound like much but looks really stylish. I like the part in the dance were they interact with each other :3 Besides the dance there are some close ups and I really mean close. Some of those close ups came out rather nicely and others… not. If you try to film the face so close don’t try to get it all. Parts are okay and really welcomed. The whole PV has some dark but also warm mood because of the brown I think. I really like it even though it’s simple.


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