Stage by Stage ~A1~

Wendy from 香水 is busy reviewing some of the newer AKB48 Stages which made me realize that I only knew the performances of some songs because of the concerts I’ve watched but I never came around watching the stages themself. Except for S2 but that’s SKE48~

And so I thought I could watch all of them from the beginning and also review them here. I want to see how AKB48 developed over the years and get to know some of the graduated girls.

And the first one was Team A’s PARTY ga hajimaru yo:


PARTY ga hajimaru yo isn’t only the title song but also the first song of the stage. The chorus is really cool and also the dance with those arm-moves is quite nice to look at. I like those little reactions during the song and also how the stage is fully used. It’s a nice start. The next song is Dear my teacher which has not so innocent lyrics which I quite like. I want naughty idols xD I’ve already listened to the song several times which is the reason why I really like it. It isn’t on the SET LIST album without a reason. After that we get to hear electronic sounds which was a surprise. Those sounds are the beginning of Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete. The 8bit (?) element is really nice but the song still needs something to make it more special. There are little shouts which are cute but it gets old fast. You see that it is the first stage because sometimes the dance moves were a bit asynchronous.


After the first three songs the unit songs start with the first one being Skirt, Hirari. I think if you know AKB48 a bit you know this song. It’s cute, it’s pop and it got really nice lyrics. But OMG that hairstyle of Atsuko is… you know… horrendous. And everytime I listen to this song I think that she sounded really, really bad back then. That’s the reason why I almost ever listen to the Team K Version of this song. Even though Sae manages there to sound bad… But it’s a good thing Atsuko improved during the last years. I know idols that still are responsible for my bleeding ears. Oh, and Takamina’s voice is ❤


The next unit song is Classmate and even though Hana Tojima, who was the first girl from AKB48 I knew by name, is in this unit the song isn’t that great. It’s just a bit too slow except for some parts that are very intensive. But the outfits are very beautiful and mature.


And another slow song but Anata to Christmas Eve has anything to keep your attention. I mean a girl that’s playing an instrument isn’t seen so often (beside that one that’s been pushed all over the place…) and the melody of the song is really beautiful. And even though I’m enjoying the last days of summer I didn’t feel weird listening to a Christmas song. I love how they look at each other while singing and the cloves they are wearing are a nice detail :3


Man, the costumes for Kiss wa Dame yo are really distracting. I don’t like them really. It looks soo fake but whatever. The song itself is nice and it gets stuck in your head even though it could have been a bit faster or poppier. It’s just too much slowness in the unit songs. And there were some really scary faces that Shiho gave the camera…


Isn’t it enough with the slow songs already? Well, Hoshi no Ondo at least has some power and guitars in the chorus. Even though I think something more rock would have been good for this stage. But what suprised me was Itano Tomomi. I didn’t even recognize her. That seems to be the total ugly duck to beautiful swan story. Didn’t think something like that could happen. (Even though Atusko is much more beautiful now than back then. But it’s not such a huge difference like with Tomomi.)


Sakura no Hanabiratachi is just a classic like Skirt, Hirari it is. No wonder there’s the 2008 version with all of the AKB48 girls. Very beautiful ❤


I know, it’s another slow song but this one has grown on me. Aozora no Soba ni Ite is very peaceful and very good if you want to whistle along.


This is the encore part and I really had to laugh. Because after AKB48 which is like the perfect wota song, fun and you can dance along and stuff, Skirt, Hirari and Sakura no Hanabiratachi were played again. Well, if you only have a limited number of songs to performe some have to be performed twice it seems. Skirt, Hirari without all wearing skirts was weird and I think it was a very long version of Sakura no Hanabiratachi. 10 minutes… It wasn’t needed but 13 songs with two of them twice isn’t that long…

After all the first stage of the stages was nice. Some power was missing but I think I will get enough of it in the next stages. PARTY ga hajimaru yo gets 7,8/10.

(7,8/10 is the rating with the “First Stage Bonus”. With my new stricter rating that I hopefully always use from now on, the rating would be 7,6/10)


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