From a new fan’s point of view

Something big happened on the last day of the AKB48 concerts. After that announcement even the talking about the shuffle concert stopped because the shuffling of all the Team’s was slightly more important.

You see, I already said I’m only a fan for about 2 months now and in my Top20 SongsRanking I didn’t even mention which Team I like the best but I kind of fallen for Team K. Mainly because of Sayaka.

Bevor I write anymore here is what happened to the Teams (taken from Stage48):

No change – Takahashi, Kojima, Shinoda, Maeda, Nakata, Takajo
From K – Kuramochi, Matsubara
From B – Oota, Katayama, Sashihara, Nakaya, Nakagawa
Promoted Kenkyuusei – Ooya, Iwasa, Maeda, Suzuki (Mariya)

No change – Akimoto, Umeda, Ono, Oshima, Miyazawa
From A – Minegishi, Itano, Fujie
From B – Nito, Tanabe, Yonezawa, Kohara, Nakatsuka
Promoted Kenkyuusei – Kikuchi, Nonaka, Matsui (Sakiko), Uchida

No change – Kashiwagi, Watanabe, Hirajima
From A – Kitahara, Satou (Amina), Miyazaki
From K – Kobayashi, Kasai, Masuda, Oku, Chikano, Satou (Natsuki)
Promoted Kenkyuusei – Ishida, Komori, Satou (Sumire), Suzuki (Shihori)

All SDN members that were part of AKB are now only SDN

I only know about 30% of the names above but what I see is that my favorite stays in her Team and some I already liked are now also in Team K. I saw Team K as one whole thing and that I simply happened to notice some of the girls. Never all fo them. So it doesn’t hurt me much that now everything’s different.

Even though 90% of the (foreign) AKB48 fans seem to see this as some kind of end of the world. And I don’t expect them to think about it like I do because they have lived with AKB for a longer time now but I see some good points to this.

Now I know a lot more of the Team B members and so it is more interesting now. At least for me. Before all that Team-Shuffling I knew 1 ore 2 members in that Team. So, I see what Aki-P did there~
And I think that will happen to some other fans too. If you have a favorite you will notice who is surrounding her.

And what I also see as a loss is the graduating of the SDN48 members from AKB48. But I think that as soon as the LODs of the SDN48 stage are appearing everyone will be happy that the four can continue to be idols and they can see them at least there. A total graduation may have meant something different.

Someone also mentioned that this Team Shuffling seems a bit like how you get sometimes into a new class and from my experience I can say that I found friends in every new class and that it mostly worked very well.

I have high hopes for this.

In the end we are one big family.

In the end we are one big family.


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