Majo Saiban

After I tricked my sister into watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e with me she started to really like it after three episodes. Well, what do I say? Like it? She particulary liked Toma Ikuta which I really can understand since I also totally fell for him when I watched Hana Kimi the first time.

Long story short: She said she wanted to watch every dorama he’s ever played in.

Man, that pic looks weird o.o

Man, that pic looks weird o.o

After Hana Kimi we continued with the most recent one Majo Saiban.

It’s about the so called Witch Trial and what happens to the lay judges. In the trial the 00-19-23defendent Kyoko Kashiwagi (Yuriko Ishida) is said to be the murderer of her husband because she aimed for the very big inheritance. It seems very clear that she really is guilty but the lay judges (chosen citizens besides the three normal judges) say that she didn’t do it. That’s the moment when Toru Yoshioka (Toma Ikuta) finds out that not only he but also some of the other lay judges are blackmailed. Together with Izumi Watabe (Ai Kato), who is always worried about the safety of her little child, he starts to investigate and finds out that Kurokawa (Ryohei Suzuki) is the one behind the bribery 00-16-00and black mailing. But that’s not all, even Toru’s girlfriend Kaori Motomiya (Manami Higa) gets into the web of lies because she is a journalist and starts to have contact with the ‘witch’ while she starts to think that her boyfriend is unfaithful. Of course she thinks so because of Kurokawa. It gets more complicated with every episode and many people become suspicious. There are many turns and the end is very unpredictable exactly like some other parts in the dorama. Surely I won’t tell them~

After a whole bunch of romantic comedy doramas I really liked to have one where there is always tension what happens next and many “OMG!” moments. The actors 00-23-13aren’t bad but I don’t think that I know enough about acting to judge it. Even though it’s a relatively dark dorama Toma Ikuta’s character always brings some color into it which is a nice touch. My sister and I watched the ten episodes in five days and I think the number of episodes are very good. Less and there would be even more open question, more and the shock from the end wouldn’t be there, I think. A big extra point goes to the soundtrack. I think I said in every episode at least three times “I need that OST!”. So yes, it really is good. I liked the use of electronic music and then again there was some music with classical instruments. Nice mixture and almost every time very suiting to the situation. Only the title song did get now and then on my nerves because it was weird placed sometimes (and it appeared too often).


That looks much cooler~

I really recommend this dorama to people who like conspiracy kinda stuff. It keeps you watching and even though it might not be something totally new it entertains you. Beside that I was surprised that I really only knew two actors. That doesn’t happen too often anymore xD


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