AKB48 Top20 Songs

My first real post on this blog was about the second stage of SKE48’s Team S’ “Te wo Tsunaginagara” and after that most of you know that I started to really be into AKB48 and SKE48.


It is a new love but I learn more with every day and it has been slightly over two months now since I’m interested in this huge Idol-Group. After such a long time *cough* I thought a bit and came up with my first Top20 AKB48 Songs.

Those are:
1. Korogaru ishi ni nare (K2) (B1)
2. Junai no Crescendo (A4)
3. Skirt, Hirari (A1) (A2) (K1) (B2)
4. Cinderella wa Damasarenai (K2) (B1)
5. Seifuku ga jama wo suru (A3)
6. Dreamin’ Girls (H1)
7. Darui Kanji (A4)
8. Hizukehenkousen (K2) (B1)
9. Keibetsu shiteita aijou (3A4)
10. Virgin Love (K2) (B1)
11. Inochi no Tsukaimichi (B3)
12. Oogoe Diamond (A5)
13. Namida Surprise!
14. Kimi wa Pegasus (K3)
15. Baby! Baby! Baby!
16. Sakura no Hanabiratachi (A1) (K1)
17. Romance, Irane (H2)
18. Mori e ikou (H2)
19. Maria (K3)
20. Itoshiki Natasha (B4)

Maybe you should know that with the exception of one or two songs my opinions about those songs are based only on the songs, not the performance.
I’m still not too sure about the order but the important part are that the songs are in the Top 20. Because now I want to analyze this a bit.

So, which team has the most songs I like?

Team A: 7
Team K: 8
Team B: 7

Okay, that’s pretty even. One song more than the others isn’t really that much of a clear win in this category. It would be interesting to see how this had ended up if Team K and Team B haven’t both performed “Seishun Girls”.

Which Stage appeared the most in my Top20?

A1: 2 | A2: 1 | A3: 1 | A4: 3 | A5: 1
K1: 2 | K2: 4 | K3: 2 | K4: 0 | K5: 0
B1: 4 | B2: 1  | B3: 1 |B4: 1

Here it is pretty clear that I liked K2 and B1 the best which is the same stage “Seishun Girls”. Maybe Team E from SKE48 will perform this one as their first stage? Team S got “Party ga Hajimaru yo” and I read that Team KII’s first stage will be “Aitakatta” so what else would there be left? I would be happy about since it would help me to get the new members to know with a stage I seem to really like.

But what’s going on with K4 and K5?! Well, I know that there is no song from K4 in the Top20 because the only version of K4 that I have is really bad quality-wise.  And K5? I have no idea what happened there. But soon the studio recordings of this and other stages will be released. Maybe that will help me to get into some of the songs.

The only thing I worry about now is that with every new stage there will only be 1 or 2 songs I really like. And I don’t know if that is good enough if I want to stay in this fandom. But I think a huge factor of AKB48 are the performances. Why else would there be all those LODs? I hope it is like this and well, I have no school right now so my goal is to watch all the stages in the next weeks (and maybe learn to recognize more of the girls >_<).

That would be all from me. Hope it made sense in some way.

P.S.: A video of the winning song:


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