Triangle as my door into Perfume


Triangle Tracklist:

1. Take off
2. love the world
3. Dream Fighter
4. edge (⊿-mix)
6. Kiss and Music
7. Zero Gravity
8. I still Love U
9. The best thing
10. Speed of Sound
11. One Room Disco
12. Negai (Album-mix)

Some time ago I realized that Perfume seems to be THE big thing when it comes to JTec. I listened to Game but I didn’t really pay attention and in my ears there also wasn’t a reason to do so. But I wanted to understant people and when they announced their new Album Triangle I thought “That is my chance!” I wanted to listen to it, think about it and then write about it.

The days went by. The album appeared on the internet. And I listened to it.
To be honest, my first thought was “You are never going to make this happen. It all just sounds the same! What will you write?” But on a saturday with nice weather I took my MP3 Player and listened to Triangle again and this time I heard how the songs sounded different from each other – sometimes.

And so I will just write about the songs that stood out to me.
In a good or bad way:

edge (⊿-mix) was a very promising song at first. It was different than the songs before because it had a darker beat in the voiceless parts and the repeating lyrics seemed interesting in the beginning and really could have worked if the lenght of this song wouldn’t be a total of 8 minutes and 43 seconds. It drives you crazy after a while but the first… 4 minutes or so are really good.

NIGHT FLIGHT was the promotional track for the album with being the background music in a CM with the girls and being performed live before thePerfumetriangle2 album appeared and I can understand why this song was chosen. The chorus is bloody addictive and the music has some sounds to it that just work. Really like it.

Kiss and Music has a very minimalistic style to it and creates an atmosphere where you can just relax for a bit. It may be the song that stands out the most on this album in a good way. It’s just sad that it doesn’t last longer than 2:36 since it’s clearly enjoyable background music that would have worked for 8 minutes. The time on this album is unfairly distributed.

I still Love U sounds so familiar to me. Can someone help me? Is it a cover or something? The chorus is nice and the music isn’t as cute as some of the other songs. Still I only mention it here because of the familiar sounding chorus. Oh, and the beginning sounded a bit like MJ.

Speed of Sound could have been the best song on the whole album with it’s percussions and experimental sound in general. But the “singing” just ruins it. It’s boring and the song would have been better off without it. I would love it as instrumental track.

One Room Disco is after all the song that really made me interested in Perfume. The chorus gets stuck in your head after 5 seconds. It’s amazing. Whoever chooses the singles for this group did a great job! (The one who chose the B-Side to this single not so much.)

Negai (Album-mix) is the last song and it’s interesting at first because there is a piano but when the singing comes it just sounds bored or sleepy and if the last 5 Perfume++22minutes of the album are made to make you wanna go to bed then they do their job perfectly. But if this isn’t the case (which I think is more likely) this song is terrible. Not a good way to say bye till their next single…

The songs that I haven’t written about yet (namely: Take off, love the world, Dream Fighter,  Zero Gravity and The best thing) were songs that hadn’t something really to talk about. They were… what I expected from Perfume. Vocoded and cute and stuff. You know what I mean. Still, they are not bad because of that. They are pretty good songs always a bit above average so Perfume just did bad when I mentioned it in the (s)TB(s)T review.

The good and the bad songs are equally represented on this album and if I had to give it a grade it probably would be B. I’m still not a big fan of Perfume but what isn’t can still happen.

P.S.: My favorite tracks are italic in the tracklisting.


2 Responses to “Triangle as my door into Perfume”

  1. 1 Jin July 26, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Oh wow. >_< Your first Perfume TBT review. xD How exciting. 😛
    I'm surprised(and also not) about you not having anything to say about: Take off, love the world, Dream Fighter, Zero Gravity and The best thing.
    I thought Take off was a very addicting, although simple intro. and love the world and Dream Fighter were both singles so their two of the better songs on the album for me(especially DF).
    Though Zero Gravity and The best thing just never drew me in. :\ I'm not a big fan of them. xp
    My favorite track is I still love U. ^_^ Even better than the singles me thinks. :3

    And how dare you. :0 23:30 is like my most listened Perfume song. @-@ (Although I can only listen to it at night. xD)

  2. 2 PrivateLaughter August 11, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks for your comment! And well, it’s not exactly a TBT if I ignore some songs. It’s an (s)TB(s)T review… (some) Track by (some) Track review xD
    It happens that we don’t agree and for me 23:30 is a lullabye. A really, reayll boring one… But maybe you sleep a lot xD

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