Kaerimichi wo Nakushite Review

After me complaining about the cover of Kaerimichi wo Nakushite I will now write about the important part – the songs. Well, and about the cover (again, I know but now we have it in a bigger format!) and the PV. I think I will keep the style of the single reviews like I did with Ai Kago’s No HesitAtIon.

The Cover


I’m still not happy with this cover. I like the blue light, the water and how her dress is peacefully swimming in it but the red eyes? They could have worked but her face (which we can see now a bit better) is too friendly. Don’t know but with red eyes I would expect her to look a bit more lively? Some strong feeling, any strong feeling would have made it better. But well… oh, and the dress isn’t my type either.

The Songs

Kaerimichi wo Nakushite starts off with a bit of everything: piano, guitar, strings but when Chihiro starts singing only the piano remains. The guitar is being brought back for some random notes but it’s a very calm ballad at first. Then the first verse leads us to a more powerful chorus and it’s the same with the next verse. It always is a bit more feeling or music at the next step. In general this song reminds me of everyhome in the beginning but the chorus could be a bit more memorable. After the second chorus we hear Chihiro “scream” which fades into the background and leaves you nothing but goosebumps. Next we get to hear a short bridge which isn’t anything special and after the last chorus the song ends with Chihiro+OnitsukaChihiro’s screaming. I’m impressed that those six and a half minutes didn’t appear that long. It’s a really good ballad from Chihiro and even though I know this, the song has to grow on me yet because she has many of those good ballads. I could also just listen to everyhome instead. Maybe I missed the special something about this song…

The B-Side I Pass By ~Darksmoke Version~ has almost everything that would have made it a perfect song (for me). We have the wonderful voice of Chihiro, a powerful chorus with the talent to get stucked in your head and the only instrument appearing is an acoustic guitar. You want to know why it isn’t a perfect song? Because it’s in English! And god knows that’s not a strong side of Chihiro. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. She sucks when it comes to the pronunciation. I can live with that if it’s a sentence or two like in everyhome (I know, again), Borderline or newest example X. But the whole song is just ruined that way. The only way I can listen to it is when it plays as background music and I only pay attention when I hear the chorus. I hope I’ll see the day when we hear that she finally took English lessons.

The PV


In the PV we see different, mostly dark locations and the one in the cover is also there. She looks really good in here so it’s just the cover that bothers me it seems. Well, Chihiro is there in those locations and is singing. Pretty fast she gets very emotional which she managed to do in this PV very good. If you haven’t seen a video of her performing live, now is the chance to do so. Because there she has the tendency to always bow down but in the PV there’s no sign of it. The scenes with the bright “room” are the ones I really like because they stand out and bring the feeling of hope. The director did a great job with it. In the end it even starts to rain what also shows the emotions of Chihiro. The PV is kind of simple but it works because of Onitsuka-san and all those little details that create the great atmosphere. But what’s wrong with those big eyes? They look good but in the PV she stares at the camera with those big eyes and… they scare the shit out of you. I think they used lenses. Well, they already did in the covers, so…


In the end I have to say it’s an okay single because the A-Side is great with a very good PV (with scary moments) but the B-Side sucks so hard that even Kaerimichi wo Nakushite can’t save the single. The fact that it’s the ~Darksmoke Version~ of I Pass By makes me fear that we get the Album Version for the album. Maybe full instrumentation but that won’t help. The only thing that could help would be Japanese lyrics. Maybe Chihiro reads this… Then I just say bye with the worlds: On the next album should be I Pass By ~Japanese Version~.


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