Demon Chihiro [Kaerimichi wo Nakushite Pics~]

I was going through the next releases and saw those pics on the official site of Chihiro Onitsuka and… well, look at them:

M.1 帰り路をなくして
M.2 I Pass By ~Darksmoke Version~

2009.07.22 IN STORES

Okay, not much to see in the cover except for her standing in the water surrounded by what? The rest of her dress? I think I have to wait for a bigger version but there isn’t only the cover. On the homepage there was this promotion pic which was not as good as I’m used to from Onitsuka-san.

When you just shortly look at it it’s nice but I looked at it for a longer time because I was so irritated by those red eyes.
She just looks too thin. Eat something! And beside that… My parents told me before I dyed my hair almost black that I would look like a corpse because of my pale skin. I think that didn’t happen to me but it’s totally the case when it comes to Chihiro. Sure, her natural hair color is black but it’s the effect my parents were afraid of. That her hair is a pigtail of some sort also makes her look even thinner. I hope the cover isn’t like that promo pic.

Oh, and all in all the red eyes aren’t the problem at all xD

But after this ranting I need something nice and beautiful to end this entry…
How about the last Chihiro Onitsuka cover?

Much better *sigh*

But besides all those pictures I’m really burning for the single! That makes 3 singles and for me that means that an album isn’t far away anymore.
Productive Chihiro is the best Chihiro ❤


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