Thoughts on “No HesitAtIon”

I decided to take a look at Ai Kago’s debut single “No HesitAtIon” which was released last Wednesday. And to make it more interesting it won’t be only the song it will be any aspect of the single. I hope I don’t forget anything. First off…

The Cover


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s very dark maybe as a contrast to most H!P covers but also there are the colorful clothes and the flower, so it isn’t too unhappy. A great detail are those reflected colors on the rainy ground. And Ai herself just looks very classy and how she looks into the sky resembles very good the title of the B-side “Children of the night” i think. Very nice.

The Songs

01c“No HesitAtIon” is a nice pop song with the guitar and strings and later the drums and more guitar. It seems to have everything and at the same time not to much. The song is very lively and I just love the voice in the background of the chorus that sings “Yehey~”. It’s a nice touch that makes it more memorable. The only problem would be Ai’s voice which seems to be in the longer notes rather off. But it doesn’t really effect the quality of the song. I would like to hear the Instrumental Version of the song because of the nice instrumentation and the guitar solo. All in all it’s a good A-side to represent a new start for Ai in the music business.

01d“Children of the night” has more of a folkish touch to it. It’s rather slow and even though there seem to be the same instruments in it like in “No HesitAtIon” it makes a different impression. The choir in the chorus intensifies the folk-feeling which I really like. We can also hear a lot of English in the song and it sounds like she really has the skills to do so (even though I’m not a native speaker myself). Compare it to Kumi Koda and you know what I mean.

In my opinion are both songs very good and if “Children of the night” had a PV it would promote the single as good as “No HesitAtIon”. I’m surprised how good this single is. And last but not least:

The PV


The idea of her being in her room and packing her stuff to go on a journey or something is really nice. And than she just changes into some wandering clothes and takes her backpack. Well, if she wants to. I really like how that action resembles that that there is no hesitation to just take a backpack and go away if you want to. In the PV itself are many scenes and sets, mainly in nature. I love all the green ❤ I just don’t get the scene with her in that black dress. Eyecandy much? Maybe I should read through a translation of the lyrics. But after all the PV is really nice and has a storyline which is a plus to the overall awesomeness.

When it comes down to it “No HesitAtIon” is pretty much how a debut single should be. It’s a good song with an appealing PV and an interesting cover. And after all there’s still the possiblity that it’s going to be even better with the next single.  There’s not really something bad to say about it. Be happy Aibon~


2 Responses to “Thoughts on “No HesitAtIon””

  1. 1 Rad July 1, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Heard Aibon do this live in Ginza in January. Unforgettable. She’s the best ever.

  1. 1 Positive Feedback for Kago Ai’s ‘No HesitAtIon’ « International Wota Trackback on June 30, 2009 at 8:35 am

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