3 from 3

I really liked the latest H!P PBs that were released and so I decided that I want to choose my 3 favorite pictures out of all of the three PBs.
To mention is that my choice maybe had been different if I did have the double pages joined.
And it was hard enough to choose, so the 3 pictures won’t be in a particular order~

First comes the PB that the actual design is from.

Maimi Yajima – 17


I really like that photo because of its dark atmosphere. It isn’t as happy as idols normally are. It’s really haunting~


Free seems to be the theme of that photo and that’s why I like it. And the landscape in the background doesn’t look to me like Japan xD


That is one from the same location that the pics for the blogdesign are from and it’s just fascinating how the colors work toghether. The blue sky, the red-brown ground and her yellow dress. Wow ❤

Next comes Ai Takashi’s latest PB and I have to say that the watashi-kanji on the cover really ruins it. It looks so cheap. But now to the good pics~

Ai Takahashi – Watashi

17-6-2552 12;22;36

I really like how the photo shows the pretty face of Ai and the colors are very cute too. I love her cheeks~ *pokes*

17-6-2552 12;30;59

I know it’s really simple and you don’t see Ai that much but it’s just the atmosphere~ Look how the sun shines on her shoulders.
And I’m a green-lover ❤

17-6-2552 12;03;1

Without words.

That wasn’t much of Ai in the Ai pictures, was it? Well, choosing is hard and not always is the idol the important thing xD

Next we come to my favo-idol and it was really hard to just choose 3 pics and I’m still not satisfied with my choice. There are just too many gorgeous photos of her.

Maasa Sudou – maasa


I really love that photo because it shows how beautiful maasa’s face is. That’s it ❤


FUN! So much action in that photo it’s like you actually could get wet xD


I really wasn’t sure if i should choose that photo because the pose is pretty much like the first one but then there was the background and it just all works so well together I couldn’t resist.

All three PBs are really beautiful and it wasn’t easy to choose but sometimes you just want to praise the crème de la crème.

And now I just gonna wait for a specific single to show up for my next blog entry~


2 Responses to “3 from 3”

  1. 1 Jin June 25, 2009 at 12:02 am

    Lulz, I agree so much on your picks. xD And congrats on getting featured on IW! >_<

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